Mr. Blue Sky

(If your listening...Mr. Blue Sky by E.L.O.)

"Sun is shining in the sky...there ain't a cloud in site." 

...and don't you know it's a beautiful new day hey, hey...

"See how the sun shines brightly in the city" 

"Mr. Blue Sky is living here today hey, hey"

"Mister Blue you did it right...

...but soon comes mister night creepin' over... his hand is on your shoulder, never mind

...I'll remember you this way. "


Just thought I'd share a little of our Las Vegas warmth with you today.   I spent some time in the garden, in my favorite chair sipping wine and soaking in the rays.  This song, Mr. Blue Sky always lifts my spirits and gets my toe tapping.
I hope those of you that live where it's snowing are safe and staying warm and hopefully you'll keep posting photos of that "white stuff" I rarely get to see.
These 70 degree days are coming to an end this weekend,
but Mr. Blue Sky is here to stay.

Sending some warmth your way!



Numinosity said…
We're in the same weather system here in AZ. Pretty magnificent compared to lots of the country. Enjoying it while I can and hopefully catch the meteor shower tonight with the clear skies. Toe-tapping for sure.

xoxo Kim
lilylovekin said…
I've not see blue skies in days your photos are lovely and a nice reminder Thanks
Catherine said…
Waaaa.... I wish we had some blue sky here...

Thanks for sharing yours Becca! :)
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
Yep, nothing but blue skys here..
I love that song. I went to see ELO in concert when I was in high school. They were at the Aladdin.
They were such a great band.. One of my favorite.. Thanks for taken me back.. Hope you enjoy your day off!

Hugs, Linda
Justine said…
I do love that song! oh these pictures are wonderful, what I wouldn't do for a bit of 70 degree heat, love how you have captured a wonderful story of beautiful blue skies and that chair and glass looks so appealing.
Ashley Sisk said…
I love all of these beautiful sky shots! Reminds me of warmer weather!
starseasons said…
Hi Becca, I saw the little icon of your Christmas bulb hanging in the tree branches it look so wonderful and Yes, the weather in SW United States is the best.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos!!!
Kisses and regards, Zondra Art
Anonymous said…
That's such a great song to be bop to. Gets my feet moving every time and puts a grin on my face. Thank you!!

Rosie Grey said…
Beautiful photos! And thanks so much for the sun - just what I needed today!
Looks like a beautiful day, Becca~ lovely photos! We have a little blue skies here, but it sure is cold!!
Brenda Pruitt said…
The sun seems to shine ever so brightly on these winter days. I don't have snow either. Cold nights and warmish days. GORGEOUS photos!
Pamela said…
I love E.L.O. !!!! What a great band right up there with Boston.

I can't believe you are having such hot weather. It has been raining here non stop but at least it is not freezing like back home!
No wonder my neighbour bought a home
in your city.

Fantastic photos Becca!
I love taking photos of the sky...I am always looking up! Thanks for a glimpse of what you see when you look up! Hugs! ♥

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