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A "Real" Pumpkin Farm

Hi Friends!  My favorite month of October is coming to an end. A couple of weeks ago, the "hubs" and me jumped into our car and  drove north an hour or so to   Gordon Skagit Farms I have a lot of photos to share with you, so I won't bore you with  too many more words.  I think this place speaks for itself.  What a fun time we had that day!  This was my first time visiting a "real" pumpkin patch/farm, and  I had to laugh when I remembered  living in Las Vegas and how excited I would get  when the dusty, vacant lot next to the shopping center set up a  pumpkin patch.   You'd be out there, breaking a sweat picking out a pumpkin because the desert hot sun was still in the 80's! Lol WOW...things have certainly changed and I'm loving it!  Hope you had a fun and lovely October too!  Thanks f

Decorating for Autumn

Hi Friends!  Have you started decorating for Autumn yet?  This year, I just had to try using one of my crocheted doilies to decorate  a pumpkin.  I'm very happy with how this one turned out.  I applied the doily simply using a glue stick around the edges because  this pumpkin is real and won't last forever, so I should be able to salvage the  crochet piece to use with something else later.  Do you guys know this plant below?  Chinese Lantern. I never heard of these until I moved to Seattle, and now I look  forward to them every fall.   So much fun to decorate with!  There's so many unusual pumpkins out there, and I  loved these tiny orange ones.  Didn't take any time at all to  crochet a decoration for this baby.  I thought this was a very interesting one too and ties in the light  pumpkins with the orange ones.  Right now, I have some placed on our mantel.  Th

Autumn Surprise

Hi Friends!   You might remember my POST  about the beautiful Dogwood Tree in  our garden.  Well, to my delight September has decorated this Dogwood with  lovely cherry like berries!  After doing a bit of research I discovered the name of the Dogwood is  Kousa Dogwood   or sometimes referred to as "Japanese Dogwood." It seems the berries are edible, however I haven't tried one yet... I might just leave it up to the birds and squirrels to enjoy.  This year, I decided to decorate with some of the  beautiful grasses that are at the nurseries.  Just a couple of plants in containers on the deck that can be seen  from inside, and when the sun shines on them they  give off that breezy, autumn feeling.  So, the dogwood berries were new this year, and so was this  sunflower in the garden!  Ok, I know it's a big birthday for me this year, but I really don't  remem

Faded Beauty

It's that time of year again when we begin to  notice signs of Autumn.  The longer, brighter days of summer  are fading away just like   the brighter, vibrant colors of my hydrangeas.  However, there's just something I find so inspiring about these fading beauties. If you look at them closely,  you can see all the  different colors and stages the pedals take on.  Stages of life.  So,  recently bought some new yarn for another  lap sized afghan I wanted to make. When I got home, I realized why I might have been attracted to the  colors of yarn I picked out.   Now, crocheting this piece takes on a whole new meaning for me.  An Autumn Hydrangea Afghan.   There is no season in all the year so beautiful,  so radiant with glory, as the early autumn.  There is no time when the human soul  drinks in so fully the glory and beauty

Hello September

I am so happy September has arrived!  Cooler breezes and the cozy sound of a wind chime  are filling the house today.  It's only the first of September, but I am so ready to say  good-bye to summer.  All those beautiful Autumn colors!  I know a few people that aren't ready to say good-bye to  summer just yet, so I created these little sachets filled  with lavender to help keep those warm summer memories alive.  I've been wanting to sew again,  so this was a fun way to  get back to sewing and still use my crochet.  Every once in a while, I still find a stone that needs a cover. I think I'm starting to get the hang of making these.  First I start with a pattern, then sort of adjust it to fit the shape  of the stone.  You might remember my linen starfish from a previous post.  My friend, Sharon mentioned how much she loved them, so  I made her a small chain of th