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Leaving Las Vegas

The 8 hour view when you drive from Las Vegas to Reno, Nevada. I thought I'd go ahead and post a few photos since they turned out ok even though I took them through the windshield.  More scenery  I was so happy to finally see some clouds in the sky!  This photo shows the shadows from the clouds on the desert floor, which I thought was pretty interesting. Finally, I wanted to show you a photo of  Walker Lake . This lake is in Hawthorne, Nevada and I've always found this lake fascinating because you don't see an inlet or outlet.  It's like it's "just there" in the middle of nowhere.   If you are interested, you can read more about this lake  here . So, there you have it, "the desert" for those of you that aren't used to seeing it that often.  I guess it really can have it's own beauty when you take in all the colors in the mountains.  Tomorrow, will be green and trees as we head into Oregon & Washington, but don't worry I wo

Traveling Light

"take me with you"  "don't leave me"  "when are you coming home?" I just wanted to post a quick hello before we left for our trip to the Pacific Northwest.  Yes, I am looking forward to a nice trip, but I'm not very good at packing nor leaving home for that matter.   I'm always frantically running around last minute making sure I have everything and worrying about what I might be forgetting, but ultimately, the 2 most important things I worry about are my "babies." (yes, I am a crazy cat lady!)  We do have a very sweet person who will be house/cat sitting for us so I know they will be fine, but the night before we leave my cats always seem to say, "Hey, where are you going?"  "When are you coming home?" "Can I go too?"  I always feel so sad leaving them.  I know, weird right?  I can't help it, I love them so much. :-) This will be a "road trip" this time too.  There's going to be lo

Puffed Hearts and early morning sunshine

This time of year it's so much easier to get up early.  The sun is up early and if you live where I do and love to be outdoors, the early mornings are the coolest time of day.  Now that I have time off,  I can get back into a little creating/photography, so I started off simple with these little "puffed hearts."  (I love that name, reminds me of the puffed heart necklaces from the 80's)  Nothing fancy, I just enjoy making them.  A few sunrise shots at my home Thank you to everyone that left well wishes and comments on my last post. I hope your Friday and weekend are off to a great start!  Becca

White Sandy Beach

Four years ago today, I stood barefoot on this beach in Maui, Hawaii and married the man of my dreams. A small, simple,  yet memorable ceremony, and a "first" for us both. I can clearly remember this moment when the surf rushed up onto the beach while we were walking.   Exhilarating, cool, breathless, and pure bliss! I saw you in my dreams We were walking hand in hand On a white, sandy beach of Hawaii We were playing in the sun We were having so much fun on a white, sandy beach of Hawaii The sound of the ocean soothes my restless soul The sound of the ocean rocks me all night long Those hot long summer days Lying there in the sun on a white, sandy beach of Hawaii The sound of the ocean soothes my restless soul The sound of the ocean rocks me all night long Last night in my dreams I saw your face again We were there in the sun on a white, sandy beach of Hawaii  (This song by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole is on my playlist at the bottom of this pa

Blog Party Hangover!

"Wow!  My Mom's been on the computer all weekend!" Yes, I'll have to admit, I didn't get much else done, but I'm having a great time taking a peek into everyone's studios, and I've even met some new bloggy friends along the way!  Thank you to everyone who has dropped by for a visit and for leaving me such sweet comments. If you are like me and still getting around to visiting studios for the blog party,  you can still see my post  here. Also, a big thank you to  Karen Valentine  for throwing such a fabulous party!  If you visit her site at   My Desert Cottage  you can visit all of the party goers from there. So, for now, I'm going to "stop and smell the roses." I only have two more days of work before I have some very much needed time off!  So,  after Wednesday I will feel "footloose and fancy free",  and have some more time to visit  blogs and do a little sewing and creating, sew so I can't wait! Hope everyone&#

Where Bloggers Create II Party!

Hi friends, welcome to my creative space!  I hope you are enjoying the party, Where Bloggers Create II so far, I know I am!  I can't wait to see everybody's creative niche! I think my room is too small to call a "studio."   It doubles as a guest room and sometimes it's just a place where I like to hang out, blog, listen to music, or just relax after a long day.  So, if I'm not working on a project and being "crafty"  I like to think of my room as my "inspiration room."  So, I hope you'll hang out with me for a bit and take a peek into the nooks and crannies of my room where inspiration begins for me.   *** I love keeping left over fibers on vintage spools. This library card catalogue style cabinet is where I keep my stamps.  Fabric?  Well, I have a "problem" with fabric, you see I just keep accumulating more and more and no where to store! Help!  Oh the quilting bundles and fat quarters make me weak in the knees!