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A Beautiful Spring Day

Hello friends, how is springtime in your part of the world?  Today is my friend, Priscilla's Birthday, so I thought  it would be a good time to show you this  beautiful rhododendron she has in her front garden. Beautiful buds burst into soft, pale color.  "Rhodies" come in so many pretty colors. I love this soft peachy pink one that Priscilla has.  Yesterday, it was 70 degrees here in Seattle!  I took Priscilla to  one of our favorite nurseries to have lunch in their Garden Cafe (outdoor table of course)  and to shop for plants.  Oh, and there was a couple of mimosas involved too.  :-)  Happy Birthday Priscilla!  I'm so happy to have you as my neighbor and dear friend.  Becca 

Easter Weekend Happenings

Just dropping in to wish you a Happy Easter! Here it is the night before, and I'm playing at my desk  decorating some eggs, while my sweetie has a leg of lamb roasting  in the oven.  Smells so good!  Beautiful weather is expected here the next few days so  I'm looking forward to spending some time outdoors around the house.   We have new neighbor's moving into the house next door.  This is the little bird house in their garden and they have already  put a lovely wooden bench under this magnolia tree. (I'll have to shoot that later to show you.)  We're looking forward to getting to know them.  So many blessings this Easter!  Wishing you a lovely weekend!  Becca