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"The Good Life"

We made it!   Hello friends!  Wow, what an adventure this has been!   I am happy and grateful that our move to Washington went pretty well without too many bumps in the road.   (For those of you that knew I was SO worried about getting my grand piano and three cats here safely...all is well!) As we are settling into our 1933 Craftsman built house,  with boxes everywhere, there were still a few things that we did to try and make the house more of a home. Fresh flowers, and hanging a few pictures to name a few.  I didn't think you'd want to see the "messy stuff" that's still all over the place.  So,  I thought I'd try to take a few photos to give you a "feel" of our new surroundings.  We even met a few of the neighbors and they had a little wine and cheese gathering on their deck.  I've never lived in a house this old before, and I am loving a lot of the vintage charm that goes with it.

Leaving Las Vegas

Today,  I leave the city where I grew up. I'm ready,  yet it's still a little bittersweet for me. So, to help me document the end of this era,  I've chosen the song Leaving Las Vegas by Sheryl Crow  to share with you. "I'm standing in the middle of the desert,  waiting for my ship to come in." (photo credit, Russell Smith) Thank you for all your prayers, wishes, and support as we embark on our journey to the  Pacific Northwest! Love to you all,  Becca

Crochet and Stones

Still messing about with  Crochet and Stones. I still haven't quite mastered the "crocheted stone look" yet.   I'm still working on my crochet stitches. I do get frustrated when I can't accomplish what I want right away.   But for the most part, crochet is comforting and the stones remind me of the sea. Yes, that's Lucy's paw. I've been getting together with old friends,  having some laughs, sharing memories and saying good-bye. The calendar is full. The "packers" will be here Thursday. The "loaders" and big moving truck will be here Friday. The "crazy cat lady," 3 kitties, and dear husband leave on Saturday. Wishing you a fun filled weekend, and a very Happy Mother's Day to all! Becca 

Around our new "Hood"

Last week, we decided to see what was around our new neighborhood in Kirkland. We barely got started when I noticed our street was covered in pink petals and I had to stop. This actually isn't within walking distance of our house. We took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and had lunch here.  I had an oyster sandwich and a beer.     I'm not used to seeing makes me happy to know this will be a part of my spring each year.  In downtown Kirkland, I ran into this place... Canvas Paint & Sip Studio I can walk here from my house!   That's probably a good thing since I'll be sipping wine while I paint!  This however would be more fun with a group friends. Do you have one of these in your neighborhood?  Have you tried it?  This is  Waverly Beach Park also within walking distance from our home. Here you can look across Lake Washington and s


We've been away again for a work related conference in Washington. Sitting here for a while, even in the misty rain seemed to make my stress go away. I just can't get over how green it is here! Washington...the Evergreen State. Sitting here, being quiet, only thinking about the patterns the rain was making in the pond. Oh, and I made a couple of friends that kept me company while I was missing my cats.  Meet...  "ALDER"  and... "BROOK" Neither Alder nor Brook were bothered by people in the, I mean "their" hotel lobby.   They both had  favorite "spots" where they like to chill out, and were even happier if you wanted to pet them and pay attention to them. Hum, I'm thinking I could relax too if I lived at the Alderbrook Resort. I'll be back to Las Vegas in a few days... Only a few more weeks left now, before we pack up