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A Garden Doily

Time for another doily fix!  Yes, I finally finished this lavender doily that I started a while back.  This one will be a gift for a friend that just  celebrated her 50th Birthday. We've been friends for 40 years! This pattern is from Book 5 of  A Year of Doilies. It was the first time I've ever worked the  "popcorn" stitch with thread.  I love the texture this stitch creates. In this piece it makes me think of grapes or lilacs.  Then, while I was out in the garden one day, I saw this!  An artichoke plant. I've really never seen anything like it, have you?  I mean, is this the same artichoke that we buy at the store and eat?  I didn't realize they were so pretty. This bee was SO busy, he wouldn't sit still for me to get a  shot of him.  Look at all the pollen on him!  So, tell me what you know about this plant. I'd love to know more

A Recipe and some Random Thoughts

Hello Friends!  I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since my last post!  I've been such a terrible blogger lately, and I hope that  once summer slows down and the rainy "indoor" days begin I will  be spending more time on my computer!  I didn't forget however, that I promised you a wonderful recipe!  This summer I have been making  Lavender Shortbread Cookies!  Let me tell you, they especially go well with tea if you are a tea drinker.  Every Christmas, when someone makes Shortbread, I always "swear" to myself that I  will make shortbread cookies on occasions other than the holidays, but it  never seems to happen!  However, "Lavender" is defiantly something I tend to think about  this time of year, so this recipe  is a perfect summertime cookie!  Below are some of the simple ingredients  mint, lavender and lemon. I hope you will enjoy making these as much as I h


Hello Friends!  Just dropping in to say hello and  share some pretties!  It's been such a lovely summer! Lots of activities outdoors rather than  spending much time on the computer.  Just enjoying the sunshine and long, summer  days while it's here... Hope you're enjoying your summertime too!  I'll be back soon... I have a recipe I want to share!  Becca