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A "Real" Pumpkin Farm

Hi Friends!  My favorite month of October is coming to an end. A couple of weeks ago, the "hubs" and me jumped into our car and  drove north an hour or so to   Gordon Skagit Farms I have a lot of photos to share with you, so I won't bore you with  too many more words.  I think this place speaks for itself.  What a fun time we had that day!  This was my first time visiting a "real" pumpkin patch/farm, and  I had to laugh when I remembered  living in Las Vegas and how excited I would get  when the dusty, vacant lot next to the shopping center set up a  pumpkin patch.   You'd be out there, breaking a sweat picking out a pumpkin because the desert hot sun was still in the 80's! Lol WOW...things have certainly changed and I'm loving it!  Hope you had a fun and lovely October too!  Thanks f

Decorating for Autumn

Hi Friends!  Have you started decorating for Autumn yet?  This year, I just had to try using one of my crocheted doilies to decorate  a pumpkin.  I'm very happy with how this one turned out.  I applied the doily simply using a glue stick around the edges because  this pumpkin is real and won't last forever, so I should be able to salvage the  crochet piece to use with something else later.  Do you guys know this plant below?  Chinese Lantern. I never heard of these until I moved to Seattle, and now I look  forward to them every fall.   So much fun to decorate with!  There's so many unusual pumpkins out there, and I  loved these tiny orange ones.  Didn't take any time at all to  crochet a decoration for this baby.  I thought this was a very interesting one too and ties in the light  pumpkins with the orange ones.  Right now, I have some placed on our mantel.  Th