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Watercolor on Tea Bags

Hello Friends!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend, especially  if this is a long weekend for you!  It seems like I've been drinking a lot of tea lately, so I  thought it was time to get out my tea bags  and get creative!  This is a mixed-media piece on watercolor paper. First, I tore pieces of the tea bags and glued them to the  watercolor paper to start my background. This is another piece I started just today where I decided to use a rubber stamp before applying the tea bags for added interest.  I love the color and texture the tea bags create.  After the background was dry, I started to sketch out my design.   The dragonfly is a rubber stamp. Finally, a little simple hand stitching on linen for added texture. The light was so beautiful and inviting on my desk today. Oh, and don't you just love my new pencil box I got at the  second-hand store for 97 cents?  

The Rhodies and Lucy

The "Rhody" Making it's appearance in every garden, and just about anywhere you  go around Washington.  I guess that's one of the reasons the  Rhododendron is our state flower.  This lavender Rhody adorns one side of our front yard.    These large, hot pink blooms hang over our yard  from the neighboring yard,  brightening up our dining area and kitchen.  I remember one year ago (today in fact)  that I arrived here from  Las Vegas and I saw the colorful blooms from the windows,   I knew I would love our  new home.  This red Rhody corners the other side of our front yard.   This shrub comes in so many different colors and varieties.  Large blooms go from this... this! While I was taking some of these shots today,  I walked around the corner and saw  Lucy in her spot looking out the window.   I'm pretty sure it wasn't

Fern Leaf Doily

Finally!   Oh my, I was beginning to think I was never going to finish this doily!  This one was a bit difficult for me, and tested my patience for sure. :-)  I've lost count how many times I had to rip out a round or two and  start over.  Whew!  Fern Leaf Doily This doily measures about 16" in diameter, which makes it the  largest crochet doily piece I've ever made.  I'm really kind of surprised it blocked out like it did because when I got it all pinned down I could see a big mistake...can you?   I'm not telling! LOL I found this pattern from a fellow blogger and crochet buddy. :-) Thanks   Kate for answering my questions and for your words of  encouragement!   If you'd like to see this doily in a different color and get the  pattern, I hope you'll visit Kate  HERE You know, I don't really know why I'm so obsessed with making

A Mother's Day Wish

I just wanted to drop in and wish all of you  beautiful women out there a  Happy Mother's Day today!  I chose a lovely, white lilac I picked from a neighboring tree down the ally to share with you on this special day.  If only I could share the scent of this magnificent bloom!  Even though I am only "Mother" to 3 fur baby cats, and my own  Mother has since passed, I am spending my day  reading, crocheting and simply being around those I love. :-) The weather this past week has keep me outdoors, away from my computer,  gardening, enjoying the sunshine,  and working on this crochet piece.   I only have two more rounds to go!  I'm also hoping it will look better once I get it blocked.  Stay tuned for the final showing! :-)  Overcast skies and rain have returned, so maybe now, I can spend some  time indoors, visiting blogs and baking cookies!  Becca 

Rainy Day Tulips

It's not raining today...  In fact, we are expecting beautiful weather over the next several  days with highs near 80 degrees!   So, with that being said, I'm going to go outside to play. :-) Hope you enjoyed my "rainy day tulips!"  Becca