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Antique Shopping in Oregon

J & J's Antiques

This was a wonderful place in Scio, Oregon called J&J's Antiques. Inside was full of vintage surprises, but it was the outside area garden and barn that I fell in love with. I imagined living there in Oregon and visiting J&J's on the weekends to find things for my garden. Now that I'm back home in Las Vegas I have an old wind chime I bought for $2.75 and these photos to remember my visit.
lots of bird houses & containers for plants

the barn

I love the old wheelbarrow with flowers

so many "nooks n crannies" to explore here

everywhere you look garden surprises
Thanks for a fun visit J&J's! See you next time I'm in Oregon.

A little Heaven on Earth

I just returned from a visit to see family in Scio, Oregon. This has always been a special place for me, not only because I visit close relatives, but the land where they live is so beautiful and peaceful. I have so many fond memories there as a child and now as an adult, the visits and memories are even more precious. It's so different living here in the desert and big city, so to me "hanging" with family in Scio is like Heaven on Earth!

Gilkey Bridge
Some of Aunt Betty's flowers

A view from the front porch
The pond Uncle John made
A view from the hammock

Bindi helpin' "Aunt Kelly" with cherries for a pie

Taking a walk down to Thomas Creek

She just wants to be an "outside girl"
Bindi and the butterfly