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Happy Spring!

Happy spring everyone!  How are you my friends?  Don't you just love seeing flowers appear and have you noticed how pretty and happy the birds sound now?  This month has been very, very rainy and I have enjoyed every minute of it!  I've been doing lots of crocheting, reading and drinking tea on the rainy days.  I know lots of people hate the rain, but it's why things are so green here!  I love to walk in the garden just after the rain. (or sometimes even "in" the rain)  The bottles I have out there now are so colorful. This year I'm working on putting together a bottle tree for our  garden, have you seen them before?  So many daffodils popping up and next  will be the tulips.  Can you see them below the daffodils starting to  come up?  I know now that moss is really not a good thing to have, but I do so love how  it looks on the decorative ro

One Rainy Day in Seattle...

Hi Friends,  If you've ever visited our "Rain City" before, then I know you'll be  familiar with some of the photos I took.  If not, then I hope you'll enjoy the journey  through my post here today.   This is the famous Pikes Market Place. Summer is the busy time here, but I love to visit this place even on a rainy, chilly day. During one of my visits here, I ran into this man,  and I was pleasantly surprised  to find him painting!   I'm not experienced with "street photography."    I'm always worried that I might get caught.  In fact, in this case, and to make a long story short, I DID get caught. Lol Since I was already having lunch here, I brought him a sandwich and chatted with  him a bit, explaining my curiosity.  He was happy to show me some of his paintings which included one  of the ferry you see crossing here. I remember thinking to mysel