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Aqua and Sweet Pea Love

Hi Friends!  I'm back today to show you my latest crocheted piece.  I had fun working with this lovely Aqua color. This piece is 17" in diameter. One of the reasons I love Ball Jars so much... their beautiful shade of aqua! Such a summer-ee color don't you think?  These are sweet peas from my garden.  I think I planted too many...I have sweet peas growing  out of my ears this year!  They are the perfect flower to cut and enjoy  around the house. Their scent is heavenly!  The pattern I used for this doily came from a book I have called  A Year of Doilies, and this one is "March."  My husband couldn't believe there was a book for a doily every month. Lol So, I had to show him my book called "99 Little Doilies."   We had a good laugh over that.  Oh no!  Here I go again!  This is a different pattern from the same book. I just had to show you the two

Lazy Days of Summer

Hi Friends!  Wow, the lazy days of summer have hit me a little differently this year.  Instead of hiding indoors, trying to stay cool  with the air conditioner blasting, I've enjoyed being outside in the 70 degree weather!   Summer in Seattle is SO lovely.   It hasn't rained in a few weeks.  In fact, I have to admit I miss it a little!   I know it will be back soon though, so better enjoy the  sunshine now!  Crocheting is something I can do outside.  I finished this doily piece for a friend of mine.   I also got out my sketch book and worked on another face.  So much action going on in the garden now. Keeping the birds and squirrels fed are something we enjoy.  I found this little guy on the deck and at first I thought he was hurt,  but he was just hanging out resting I guess. I think he was tired from this,  and this.  Now I know who's been kicking the dirt out of my po

Down by the Seashore

Hi Everyone!  We're back from our wonderful and most memorable anniversary trip  to some of Washington's beautiful shore line.  (totally loving my new cap here that says "Got Rain?"  Olympic National Park) This was the view from our room at the  Kalaloch Lodge We went on so many great hikes to the surrounding beaches. My new beach hiking sandals were perfect  for hiking and beach combing.  I'm not sure I could pick out a favorite beach, they were all so  unique and lovely!   Sometimes it felt like we were the only people in this beautiful place.  This desert born girl hasn't really done a lot of beach combing,  so, I felt like one of those kids you see at the aquariums  running around and touching everything!  Everywhere you looked it was something new and exciting! Such a pretty little shell these guys have. I coul