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Vintage Vinyl

Hello everyone!  Last weekend, when we were in Bend, Oregon  to help my mother-in-law celebrate her 80th Birthday, she gave us boxes of record albums that  has been in the family for years!  Mostly jazz and classical which was right up my alley!   So, Russell and I decided to get out his old turntable and speakers  from the basement  and set it up in our small front room where the piano is. We already had albums of our own packed away in boxes that neither of us wanted to part with,   such as his Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Eagles, and my Sonny & Cher,  The Carpenters, Billy Joel, Captain & Tennille,  Olivia Newton John... Sorry, I digress.   Happily, my taste in music has expanded! Lol  I think learning to play classical piano helped me expand my  musical tastes, and somewhere along the way,  I fell in love  with Jazz..."old jazz."  So when I saw names like Sinatra, Ella, Billie Ho

Random Thoughts...

Hi Friends!  Well, here we are at the start of a new week. Can you  believe January is almost over?  We just returned from a short road trip to Bend, Oregon to visit family. Wow, was it cold there!  Yes, Seattle is cold now, but there was just something about  the clear skies and snow on the ground that chilled me to the bone!  We were only gone 3 days, but boy did I miss my kitty babies!   I took this photo from my chair where I often crochet or read.  Lucy decided it was "her time" and not "crochet time."  So...this is only how far I am on my "Shells Galore" afghan project!  I am really loving this yarn's so soft and was on sale for  only $2.99 a skein!  Another thing I love to do in my chair near the front window is read.  Have you read this?  Russell just finished it and it sounded very interesting to me.  It's almost 1500 pages though, so I wonder which I'll f

Overwhelmed by Nature's Beauty

Last week I discovered another park near home.  It was a crisp and clear afternoon.  I was bundled up in my warm coat, boots, gloves and scarf. The seagulls gathered in numbers. Frost still covered the grass and along the shore. A view of Seattle in the distance. So many discoveries. Oh what a treat it was to see this!  A bald eagle keeping a close eye on all of the  black birds flying around nearby.  Nature's beauty all around me, and so close to home! I spent a lot of time here enjoying the "feel" of this day.   Finally, as late afternoon moved in and before I  got back into my car to head home,  I sat here.... for the longest time... swinging and looking out over the water.  I would expect that this park in the summertime is  filled with families and children running around.  But for now... This was my swing.

Frosted Flakes

No, not "Tony the Tiger."  Just me today to share the  crocheted "frosted" snowflakes I've been working on.  :-)  This morning we woke up to very cold and frosty surroundings!  Even though Mr. Sun came out, the sky was clear and chilly!  So, I'm thinking what a better background for my colorful  snowflakes than frost!  I'm sure if the neighbors saw me outside with my  camera this morning, they are really thinking  I'm nuts!  And...because I can't seem to finish one project before starting another, here is a  round table runner I am working on.  This is just the first round...I'm sure you can make it as large as you'd like.  I think I'll do at least one more round.  A fun trip to the art supply store, and I managed to come home with this  cute little wooden, storage box that I decided to decoupage with some   papers I al

Hydrangea Skeleton Leaf

 Hi Everyone!  I hope 2013 has started of well for each of you!  The first two days of the year were  bright and sunny here, so a lot of people were out enjoying the  January sunshine. I took advantage of that time to rake and work in the yard a bit,  and look what I found!  A Hydrangea Skeleton Leaf.  I've only seen photographs of these and always thought they were so  beautiful and delicate.   So, I was thrilled to find one right outside my back door!  They sort of remind me of the "lacy crochet" I love so much. Speaking of crochet...yes, I am still "hooked!"  (hardy har har) :-)  I have some colorful snowflakes to show you soon.   Right now, it's raining outside,  so I'm off to spend some creative time  in my art room.  Enjoy your day.  Becca