Vintage Vinyl

Hello everyone! 

Last weekend, when we were in Bend, Oregon

 to help my mother-in-law celebrate her

80th Birthday, she gave us boxes of record albums that 

has been in the family for years! 

Mostly jazz and classical which was right up my alley!  

So, Russell and I decided to get out his old turntable and speakers 

from the basement 

and set it up in our small front room where the piano is.

We already had albums of our own

packed away in boxes that neither of us wanted to part with, 

 such as his Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Eagles, and my Sonny & Cher, 

The Carpenters, Billy Joel, Captain & Tennille,  Olivia Newton John...

Sorry, I digress.  

Happily, my taste in music has expanded! Lol

 I think learning to play classical piano helped me expand my 

musical tastes, and somewhere along the way,  I fell in love 

with Jazz..."old jazz." 

So when I saw names like Sinatra, Ella, Billie Holiday & Louie Armstrong, 

I had to figure out a way to set up a place where we could enjoy

these vintage recordings!

This old craftsman house we're living in now has a lot of character.   

Not to mention the "pop-corn" ceiling,  so 

I've been trying to give it a bit of love.

My piano takes up most of the space in here,

so it has always been dubbed as "the piano room."  

An old,  comfortable chair sits in a corner...a great place for crochet or 

listening to music. 

I've been so used to listening to Pandora Radio from this chair that when 

I now play a record,  I have to "get up" to flip the it over! 

Can you imagine!!??

The best part about listening to these records was the memories 

that came to Russ of his parents & childhood.  Priceless! 

It's funny how something comes together so unexpectedly. 

 Our fondness for music and my attachment to 

"Vintage Vegas" has made this small, yet comfortable

room come together, (pop-corn ceiling and all) as the 

"Piano Bar."

Now, one of my favorite places in the house! 

So, I am now on a hunt for those old wooden crates that

holds record albums.  Remember? 

It's funny to think about something we had in our 20's, that can 

probably now be found in an "antique" store.

So, thanks for sharing this with me. 

I had fun last night trying to capture the mood with my camera.

 Do you still have your vinyl records?

Happy memories! 



TexWisGirl said…
just what you needed to complete the mood for the room. :)
Anonymous said…
what a lovely room, you must enjoy every minute there.I do have some oldies,
Catherine said…
I spent many happy hours of my childhood listening to my records. The Carpenters were my favorite. Alas all my records and turn table have long since gone. Most likely in a garage sale. But I do still love the sound of a record!
xo Catherine
If I had a piano like that I'd let it take up most of the space toooooo....ahhhh beautiful and I love this style of jazz too. I am streaming in internet radio as I type....what an atmosphere it creates through the whole house. Speaking of vinyl records....sit down,,,,I SOLD hundreds and hundreds about ten years ago on one of our big moves but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do as I am schlepppping tooooo much stuff around the world but now,,,,,ugh, it was mistake but I try not to think of it most of the enjoy all your tunes and memories of a time gone by. Great shots of your really conveys the story. Have a nice Monday in paradise.
Tracy said…
Oh, this was a the best, Becca! I must share this with my hubby, he loves such music too... and on vinyl, so much the better. Such good classics... Zeppelin, Rush, Eagles, Billy Joel... Frank, Ella... *swoon*... Wish we weren't so far away, we'd love to visit your "Piano Bar" and sip while you play on tune on your beautiful piano. I can almost hear it now... :o) ((HUGS))
Unknown said…
My teenage daughter got a turntable at a rummage sale and borrowed some of her Grandfather's records. She says it is one of her favorite ways to listen to music now. Your room looks like a very nice place to hand out and enjoy the day.
RURAL said…
Becca, what a great room, everything suits it, and it has atmosphere.

Must be a real pleasure sitting in there.

Lorraine said…
when I got published in Stampington for the first time my gift to myself was a record player/ cassette/ dvd radio player that is vintage I play lots of albums.. I have a shed full or rock albums and I like listening to billie holiday, classical and pavarotti as well like you. My husband has over 30 guitars all over the house, we have keyboards etc and so I guess we live in a very creative household of course with my sons toys everywhere too;) Really liked reading your post..could imagine your albums stored in old fruit crates
Anonymous said…
A gorgeous, heartfelt post. Yes, we have albums. Over 3000 of them. My husband is an audio file and refuses to listen to music on a computer.
Anonymous said…
Sadly no, bit I remember Frank Sinatra, wafting through our house as a kid, still does now and my 26 yer old son is also a fan. Vinyl is comong back so I hear...xox
Oh, what a wonderful collection and how great to have your turntable to listen to them all...and enjoy them. We've kept our old 45s..can't bear to part with them!
Caterina Giglio said…
great old collection, and I am heading to Vegas in May, looking forward to seeing my old house and marveling at all the changes in town!
Unknown said…
Your house looks nice and cozy. How fun to get to listen to some old Jazz. If I remember right you guys had quite a collection of Vinyl records. So this was a nice addition to your collection..

What a wonderful room, Becca...and how great to have the turntable, too! I do still have some of my old albums...all my Beatles...
Jillayne said…
Ha - we were just talking about this the other day!
No we don't - my husband is a music "purist", always in quest of the perfect sound. He always says how he hated how easily records warped and scratched - he cringes something fierce when I reiterate there was nothing quite like putting a stack of records on, and watching them play... the arm come up, swing back, the next one fall and the needle come back to settle in the groove. I love the scratchy warbly sound of old records - love it!
Lisa Gordon said…
I definitely do, and I am guessing well over 100 between my husband and I. You have inspired me to seek out the old turntable! :-)

Happy day to you!
Marilyn said…
Wonderful, nostalgic post, Becca. I love your new header and tagline.
Tammy said…
I can tell that we definitely liked the same kind of music back then. And I do love jazz! Your piano room is beautiful. You definitely captured the mood in your photos. Enjoy! Tammy

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