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Around the House

Hello friends!  Just checking in…how are you?  Lots of just being cozy around the house.  I love that kind of day, don't you?  We had a day of snow a couple of weeks ago.  (yes, I said "a day." it's all rain again now)  I know…most of you are sick of snow and want winter to be over. I get that…I'm looking forward to spring too, but I just had to  share a quick "feel" of our snow day here since we rarely get the white stuff.  Lucy spends a lot of her time on the window seat in my studio.  She has a view of the birds and squirrels and a cozy bed when she  gets too tired from all the action.    I think this squirrel wants me to quit taking photos and get out there and  give him some peanuts. I love this photo below, power lines and all.  It really gives a feel of that snowy day looking out over Lake Washington  from our bedroom.  Ok, enough of the sno

Getting Back to Normal

Whew!  These past few weeks have been a little crazy here in Seattle.  I think I'm finally coming down from my football high.  (yes, I love football AND crochet. :-)  *** I've been wanting to pick up my paintbrush again and work with watercolors.  I found a really great book that teaches you how to mix the paint.  I'm the kind of artist that thinks I need to stay within the lines and I hate that  about myself, so I'm working on it.   I've used watercolor before, but I paint so exact that the finished piece doesn't  even look like watercolor. This book teaches you how to let one color run into the other.  I'm really enjoying the process.  My friend,  Linda  introduced me to this book, and I  finally finished it today.  Loved it!  I'm thinking of Snow Falling on Cedars next, have you read it?  So, in my crochet world, I made a couple more tea towels, and  tried a