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Birds and the Bees

One of my favorite springtime activities is watching all the little Chickadees  that frequent our bird feeder.   So inspired by all the little Chickadees here, I made this cute little  felt version.  I was as happy as the Chickadees when I discovered that the little Lilac  tree I've had in a container on the deck for 4 years started blooming this spring!   Of course, they are too small to cut and I am sure the whole  plant could use some TLC since it just wintered over as is,  but this little Lilac tree has given me hope that wherever it  might end up this summer will continue to thrive and bloom in the future.  For those of you that follow me on  Instagram you might have seen that I am working on a new pattern called  The Hotel of Bees Shawl. The pattern consists of sections that resemble honeycomb, and little  bees like in the photo below.   It's such a fun pattern to work.  If you

Inspired by the Rain

Spring has arrived despite the  gray and gloomy skies.  Just look for the sparkle on the budding tree limbs,  and listen to the songs of the birds!   For their song is not about gray nor gloom, it's about new life and abundance! Green is everywhere!  (Ok, even in places I'll be weeding later, but that can wait)  An abundance of water is a gift. Stillness in some places for now, but I don't see  sadness here, I see hope.  Rain creates a softness to everything and makes me feel at peace.  So, if your Springtime is still rainy, I wish you peace and hope and remember  this famous quote.  "Some people feel the rain,  others just get wet."  ~Roger Miller Until next time,  Becca 

Hello March

The calendar says it's March, but the rain and the  chill in the air reminds me it's not  quite Spring which gives me some time to work on  a few more wearables for those future warmer days! Thoughts of spring have inspired me to work with yarns and  threads of linen and cotton. (Although, the cozy wools still feel more comfy to me right now. ) This shawl is the Queen Anne Shawl and was a lovely pattern  to work up, especially with linen.  You can find the pattern  HERE I enjoyed it so much I'm thinking of crocheting another one in a  different color.  ...and just a sneak peek of another Springtime shawl I'm working on that's  crocheted with cotton.   I've really been enjoying making shawls for those beautiful spring like days with sun yet you still  need a little "touch of Cozy" in the shade. :-)  Speaking of cozy... Lucy does it right! 

Winter's Palette

Seeing color in the dead of Winter.  Soft, quiet and subtle Becca 


...cold, crisp gray days,  long, dark evenings made cozy with coffee and wool.  I love the look of Winter, when nature is at peace.  Creating and crocheting all things cozy.  Have you seen the popular "Messy Bun Beanie?"  I've enjoyed wearing and making these this winter.  Inspired by some of the colors in nature for my  scarves and hats.   All you need is love,  and a little cozy wool. :-)  How are you spending those cold, crisp gray days of January?  Becca