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A Natural Selection


What do you think of when you hear that word? 
Organic, off-white, ecru, earthy? 

This hydrangea flower captured my attention the other day 
and brought to mind some of the reasons I love this 
Natural, earthy palette.

Wishing you a happy Sunday and a 
wonderful week ahead! 


Natures Purples and Blues

Hello friends...

I hope you're not tired of seeing purple and blue yet.

I see from looking back at my last post,
Hyacinth & Hearts

It's pretty obvious I tend to gravitate toward
flowers of this color.

There's a lot of "Spring" popping up around here lately, 
and giving me Spring Fever, 
even though it's still very chilly.

These little beauties were calling out to me, and 
didn't seem to be bothered by the February chill in the air. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to the

Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle.

Have you ever been?

I hear it's quite the event!

I'm doing a little crocheting today in between laundry...

guess what color of crochet thread I'm using?


Enjoy your day!


Hyacinth and Hearts

A Valentine for you...

"Hearts Desire"
You can find the free pattern I followed, 

I'm using a size 10 Crochet Cotton Thread and a size 7mm hook.
You can also use a larger size, 3 Crochet Thread to make a larger doily. 

Sending you Hyacinths, Hearts and Hugs for Valentine's Day. 



"Hella what?"
Such was my initial reaction when I heard the name of this plant.

It seems there is a lot of anticipation and excitement

from gardeners in the area,

waiting for their Hellebores bloom.
It's like you see your garden begin to awaken

from the cold and dreary winter,

giving hope for Spring! 

My Hellebores here,  came from Costco,  a surprise from Russell.  
 I'll be putting them into a container to 
enjoy on the deck.

 However, my neighbor has a large area of them under a tree that is just 
beginning to bloom, so I'm sure I'll be over there with my 
camera soon. 

I'm having so much fun learning about gardening here in the

Pacific Northwest, and I was invited by my friends to join them

for the

Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle
if you click on the link above, there is a wonderful video about the show!

I also found this free, botanical image on Wikipedia,  
for you to copy and enjoy. 

So, I'm off to enjoy the last bit of sunshine that…

My Crochet Obsession and a Little "Lucy Love"

The Doily.
What is it about this "ornamental mat" that has my heart swooning and
wanting to create more and more of? 
Each design is uniquely challenging for me.
I love the thought of creating something pretty and lacy-like with thread.

 This is my first "Pineapple Doily." 
It's supposed to be 11 inches in diameter, after blocking.
I'm still 5 rows away from finishing this piece!

The pattern calls for a size 1.9mm (US 5) hook, and 
I am using AUNT LYDIA'S Classic Cotton Crochet Thread size 10.

I enjoy working with the creams, white, ecru, and linen tones.
Then, I discovered a new blog and it made me sort of 
re-think my color choices!  
Sew Ritzy Titzy Blog
I was inspired for hours looking at Dawn's beautiful creations.

Then, on a recent visit to the thrift store I found more crochet 
thread to practice with. 
I say,  you can never have too much yarn or crochet thread! 

Then, I discovered a fun book of unique Granny Squares.
Most of the patterns loo…

"Rain Walker"

It's not unusual to find me, 
out in the drizzling rain...

with my sweat pants tucked into my rain boots...

camera in hand.

I'm sure the neighbors are thinking...

"now what's she taking a picture of?"

Hence,  the nickname given to me by my 
dear friend and neighbor,  Priscilla. 

"Rain Walker..." 
if you live around here, don't be surprised if you see me taking photos, and 
walking in the rain. 


Happy Friday everyone! 
Have a wonderful weekend!