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A creative place to unwind

I'm thankful I have a creative place to call my own.  (Although, occasionally it doubles as a guest room.) Today, it's very windy outside, so I think I'll use my creative time indoors, reading, sewing,  taking some  photos and probably a little laundry thrown in there somewhere, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to see or hear about that, so I'll just stick to this... Thanks for visiting my blog.  I do enjoy hearing from you! x Becca

Signs of Spring

Wind, wind and more wind!  That's a sure sign of Spring here in Las Vegas.  Blowing pollen, allergies, and damaged plants... I know, this iris doesn't look too badly damaged here, but it sure took a beating the other night in the 50mph wind before I dragged it under the porch. Fortunately, only one of the buds snapped off.  Sounds like this iris is going to have a couple days of rest, then back to more wind the middle of next week! Oh well, on to more happy signs of Spring! The corner of the neighbor's roof?   Well, take a closer look. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, I was taking them through the window of my craft room. I happened to catch these two little birds preparing a nest for their new family! Here's the other one.  This is the one that would fly out of the roof and within a few minutes come back with leaves, branches or feathers in it's mouth.  I actually watched this happen 3 times while I was trying to take the pictures.  Looks like a feather

Vintage Piano Memories

Happy weekend everyone!  It's very windy here in the desert today, so since I'm not going outside to take photographs, I thought I'd share some indoor shots I took of some vintage music and books I already have around the house.  I found this music magazine on a visit to the Oregon Coast one year. (they have the best antique places on the way to the ocean!)  I love the image of Beethoven on the front cover.    This bust of Beethoven isn't exactly vintage, but since I was on the subject I thought this image of him is very similar to the one on the cover of the magazine.  This piano study book belongs to my Dad.  My Dad played the piano some, and when I was about 9 years old he purchased my first, real piano for me and I started taking lessons!  I have fond memories of my Dad playing some old church hymns on my new piano. Don't you just love to see a child's notes from long ago written in their study books?  "The mighty harmonic effects will insp

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

I hope this first day of Spring is bringing warmer weather and blue skies to all of you!  Just from reading your blogs and seeing photos of your garden & flowers it's looking "springy" where you are too.  I had fun watching this little bird at the top of my flowering plum tree.  If you look closely, you can see  he's enjoying the pink flowers as much as I am.  In honor of Spring, I wanted to share this photo of me helping my Mom by watering her roses. So, go out and enjoy the day and keep those flowers flourishing!  *** One more thing, today is my "Big Sister's" birthday, so I wanted to send her out a Happy Birthday wish. Disneyland is so much more fun when you have a big sis who'll wear matching Mickey Mouse shirts and go on all the rides with you!   Love you Cis!  I'm heading out to enjoy this beautiful weather but I'll be back soon! 

A Simple Project

Welcome fellow bloggers!  I'm so happy you've stopped by to take a peek. This weekend I'm spending time at home just doing things around the house.   As usual, I get the camera out and start shooting a bunch of stuff, never really knowing where I'm going with it all, and hopefully a couple of shots will be worth posting.  A vintage "Ball" jar filled with shells, sea glass and various paint brushes.  Fetzer "trying" to take a cat nap in the sunshine. This is a wall hanging I made a while back.  Simple, muslin with hand stitching,  paper, fabric, stamps and a couple of branches from my plum tree. Sometimes it's the simple, no rules projects that work out the best for me. *** Finally, I'd like to send a big thank you out to Brenda  over at She surprised me and featured my blog on her Welcome Wagon Friday page!  Hop on over and visit her there, she has the most beautiful garden, and she's a very t

Talk about Tulips!

Beautiful tulips at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. I wanted to begin my post with my absolute favorite!  Well, ok they're all my favorite, but this one just stood out and it's colors remind me of the ol' "long-john" popsicles I used to get from the popsicle man's truck when I was a kid. (Ooo, remember the bomb-pops too?  Oh, sorry, I'm getting off the subject.  I don't think I remember any red, white & blue tulips here).  Just rows and rows of colors! Some very unusual tulips. Salmon pink.  So which one is your favorite?  *** If you can't make it to Oregon for the Wooden Shoe Festival this month, you can order bulbs on their web site which I have listed above.  I order from them each year and they are beautiful!  Be sure to order early because a lot of the more popular types sell out.  This is one  I ordered, but I can't remember their exact name.  Notice the pink on the tip.  I chos