A Simple Project

Welcome fellow bloggers!  I'm so happy you've stopped by to take a peek.
This weekend I'm spending time at home just doing things around the house.  
As usual, I get the camera out and start shooting a bunch of stuff, never really knowing where I'm going with it all, and hopefully a couple of shots will be worth posting. 

A vintage "Ball" jar filled with shells, sea glass and various paint brushes. 

Fetzer "trying" to take a cat nap in the sunshine.

This is a wall hanging I made a while back.  Simple, muslin with hand stitching,  paper, fabric, stamps and a couple of branches from my plum tree.

Sometimes it's the simple, no rules projects that work out the best for me.

Finally, I'd like to send a big thank you out to Brenda over at www.cozylittlehouse.blogspot.com
She surprised me and featured my blog on her Welcome Wagon Friday page!  Hop on over and visit her there, she has the most beautiful garden, and she's a very talented quilter to boot! 

Oh, and I've also been working on a project using old scraps, but I wasn't able to finish it today because Shatzie decided to get right in the middle of it.  I'll keep working on it, (while she's taking a nap) and one day soon, I'll be able to show you how it turned out. 

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight before you go to bed! 


Hi Becca- such pretty pictures- I love the mixed media piece you made! I think you are too modest, that looks like it took a lot of skill to me! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog- I really appreciate them!!
Holly Knott said…
I love your wallhanging! Definitely very original and unique. Are they little pieces of old glass wrapped on it as well? Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy yours as well and think your cats are sweet. Love their names.
Becca said…
Hi Holly, yes, they are actually glass beads I got in a bead store while I was at the Oregon coast. Thanks for dropping by! :)
Unknown said…
Hey Bec,
Another great post, I love the picture of Fetzer trying to take a nap!
starseasons said…
Fetzer, what a beautiful photo of her
Marilyn said…
Love your photography. I'm with you on the simple no rules projects. I get anxious when I think I have to come up with something theme based. Keep up with the beautiful photos.

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