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Pink Magnolias

Two days ago, I woke up to this beautiful surprise.  Pink Magnolia blossoms!   It was quite a surprise because we've been living in this house now  just under 3 years and I have NEVER seen this bloom.  I didn't even know it was a magnolia tree!  It's always been more like a wimpy looking "stick-tree" growing out of the  middle of some thick and unruly bamboo. So, one gray and rainy morning, something pretty and pink caught my eye! I've been so fascinated with it, because it wasn't until we moved to  Washington that I ever really saw a Magnolia tree.  Don't you just love the brown felt-like buds that open?  A happy surprise indeed!  Found this vintage botanical postcard print on Pinterest. (original source unknown) I'm feeling inspired to draw or paint.  Wishing you all a happy surprise and burst of inspiration!  Becca