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"Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey."
"Focus on the journey, not the destination.  Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." (Greg Anderson)

My word for 2012...
This new year brings about many new and exciting changes for me.   A move to a new city...something I have never done before. 
I suppose for those of you that know the "real me" you might wonder why I didn't choose the word, stress. :-) (journey just sounds much nicer doesn't it?)
No, really, this word is such a perfect reminder for me! Moving to the Seattle area is something we've dreamed of for a few years now. So, hang on Becca and enjoy the ride!
Did you choose a word for 2012? I would love to hear about it. 
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Happy New Year!  2012

The Hand Embroidery Blues

Hello everyone! 
No, I really don't have "the blues."  I've just been doing free hand embroidery while listening to some jazzy/blues by  The Eddie Higgins Trio (If you care to listen, this is their rendition of Black Coffee) ( always have the option to click pause/stop on my sidebar)

So, back to the embroidery. Lately, I've been inspired by lavender...again. Our mild weather as of late has been ideal for my lavender container plant.

I also find so much inspiration on the internet! If I get stuck for an idea I just "Google" whatever it is I'm looking for and there it is.

In these pieces I used the french knot, stem stitch and back stitch on linen fabric.

If I don't know how to do a certain stitch I can usually find a helpful video on YouTube.

I haven't decided what to do with these pieces yet. Possibly a pillow?   The hydrangeas are rather small, so maybe I could incorporate them into a fabric tag or I might try a decorative cuff.  …

Celebrate the Season

From my home to yours...
Wishing you peace, love, joy, and the many blessings this holiday season brings! 

Merry Christmas!


The Relaxing Qualities of Hand Stitching & Tatting

I still can't seem to find my "Christmas MoJo." 
No worries though...all is well and I listen to my favorite holiday music as I pack and pack.  It's not as if I need to hurry...I'm just taking advantage of the time I have to "be prepared." 
I'm finding the easiest solution to my moving/holiday stress is "stitching n' tatting." 
I made this little burlap tag for a friend. 

So simple, and easy.

Lucy doesn't play into the whole holiday or moving stress thing... maybe I could learn a thing or two from her. 
Or, maybe I just need one of those zen, peace collars with a  jingle bell.  :-)

Hope you are able to enjoy some stress free holiday activities! 
Blessings,  Becca

Mixed Media Leaf Art

During our last visit to the Seattle area, I picked up a few autumn leaves. 
I carefully stuck them in between the pages of my Artful Blogging magazine and into my back pack hoping they would make the trip back home to Las Vegas. 
(not knowing at the time that Seattle would be my new home I was worried I might not see this type of leaf for a very long time)

Believe it or not, the leaves made the trip home without any damage!
So, now what do I do with this Maple Leaf that is larger than my hand?  
I decided to see if I could incorporate my leaf into a mixed media collage.

The substrate I used is a 9x12 piece of watercolor paper.
After coating the paper with Golden Matte Medium, I carefully placed the leaf and then applied another coat of matte medium over the top. 

To add more texture and interest, I used some dried tea bags and random stamping.

Still, I felt like it needed something, so I added some simple embroidery stitches.

I am pretty pleased with the results and I have decided to call this…

Inspired by Nature's Colors

Blues, purples, greens... These are the colors that I tend to gravitate to the most.

I created another Mandala, only this time with very few colors.

As I created this mandala, I thought of the beautiful, hydrangeas I hope to grow in my new climate when we move to Washington. 

So many varieties of hydrangeas just like there are so many varieties of mandalas.

I love the calmness this mandala brought while painting with my watercolors.

Do you have a color or colors that you are drawn to?

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Monday Musings

Last Monday I celebrated a birthday. :-)

So, on the weekend I got together with my friend,Linda,  and she gave me a lovely gift!

This is the envelope it was cool!  It was all tied up with a raffia ribbon.

I just love all of the collage and stitching she did!

Linda knows how much I LOVE fingerless gloves, so she crocheted this beautiful pair for me!  No, I don't play the piano with them on, I just thought it would be cute to model them this way since I posted the first photo of myself at the piano. :-)

Here's the color. I like this color of yarn...I've always called it an "oatmeal" color.  Someday, maybe I'll get past just making crocheted flowers and learn to make these too. Thank you Linda, I love them!  

Then, on the weekend I was reading blogs and checked in with my friend Catherine over at and she showed a YouTube video of a cat playing with an iPad. Well, not that I'm a crazy cat lady or anything, but I was on a mission to fin…

Seattle Bound

A new journey begins...
Dear friends,  it is with great joy that I share with you some news...a dream come true. We are moving to Seattle!
Many of you know that I have been wanting to leave the hot, dry, desert of Las Vegas,  (the only home I've ever known) and move to this Emerald City that I have fallen in love with over the last few years.
I would like to take this opportunity today to share with you some of my photography that represents this beautiful place.

"Good Night Seattle, we love you!" 

Thank you for sharing this with me today. :-)