Mixed Media Leaf Art

During our last visit to the Seattle area, I picked up a few autumn leaves. 

I carefully stuck them in between the pages of my Artful Blogging magazine and into my back pack hoping they would make the trip back home to Las Vegas. 

(not knowing at the time that Seattle would be my new home I was worried I might not see this type of leaf for a very long time)

Believe it or not, the leaves made the trip home without any damage!

So, now what do I do with this Maple Leaf that is larger than my hand?  

I decided to see if I could incorporate my leaf into a mixed media collage.

The substrate I used is a 9x12 piece of watercolor paper.

After coating the paper with Golden Matte Medium, I carefully placed the leaf and then applied another coat of matte medium over the top. 

To add more texture and interest, I used some dried tea bags and random stamping.

Still, I felt like it needed something, so I added some simple embroidery stitches.

I am pretty pleased with the results and I have decided to call this piece, 

A New Beginning

Now that we are moving up to the Great Northwest I won't have to worry about hoarding autumn leaves anymore!

Hum...I wonder if you can press a cactus in a book? 

Thank you so much for visiting! 

I know this isn't a holiday type post.  I guess I'm a little distracted and overwhelmed with everything else going on, that I haven't been able to keep up! 

I do though enjoy getting my "Christmas fix" by visiting all the lovely blogs out there with holiday eye candy. 

Sending you warm wishes of peace, joy & love this holiday season! 



Janet said…
Your leaf page is beautiful! I love autumn leaves and had saved a couple but recently threw them out. Now I wish I had them back!
Sandies' Patch said…
I collected some Autumn leaves whilst on holiday in New England states way back in 1992. I still have them and they show no signs of breaking up yet!
I take them out now and then and think of the lovely holiday we had and would love to go back!

Seasons greetings to you and yours too!

Sandie xx
i so get it!!! i do this every year in oregon and have lots and lots and acorns by the bushels! i love autumn and can't wait to enjoy it when we move too. unlike here, when autumn is a DAY between summer and summer and summer and winter when all the leaves fall down! you know! xo
How exciting that you will be moving up here! Will you be living in the city? It's been really cold here, lots of frost and fog, but when the sun comes out it's beautiful! The winter light is amazing here.
You will find lots of those big maple leaves here next fall. I love how you used it in your project.
Beautiful!. I just love the vintage colours. Inspiring
Lisa Graham said…
Beautiful leaf art Becca! And what a great piece to celebrate your new chapter! So so excited for you! And LOL! about the cactus keeping...um, good luck with that. : )

Big hugs!
Unknown said…
You did an extraordinary job with your beautiful leaf, what a great idea!! Thank you for sharing and happy holidays!
Fallingladies said…
This is beautiful! I live in ny and yet I still feel compelled to stick leaves in books to save them and I know there'll be plenty more to see, it's just a thing I guess. Love your mandalas below, great colors!
Pretty Things said…
Oh wow! Creative and lovely!
Catherine said…
So pretty! Just think of all the new things you will see and experience in your new surroundings. Your creative juices will be flowing! I am so excited for you about moving. I would move again in a minute. I've been trying to talk my hubby into moving to Kalowna BC. So far....nothing. Maybe when we get closer to retirement. ;)

Hope you are having a super week my friend!
xo Catherine
Jillayne said…
Eeek! I'm so happy for you Becca! How wonderful that your dream has finally come true. I've been so out of the loop these past weeks so I'm sorry my congratulations are so late but I am so terribly happy for you. Excellent news!
GardenOfDaisies said…
It's lovely! I know you must be so excited about your move! But you will probably miss your desert home too.
Unknown said…
I just love the way this turned out.. the texture looks amazing.. Almost like a waxy look.. Very cool...

Hugs, Linda
Anonymous said…
Beautiful leaf art dear Becca!
Have a nice day, kisses:)
Lisa said…
Really beautiful. Congratulations on the move. New beginnings are so refreshing.
Torunn said…
Absolutely gorgeous, Becca! You are so creative and talented. Beautiful.
Judy S. said…
Very nice, Becca! My leaf that was on my blog is now curled up on the dining room table, not nearly as beautiful as yours. That's more than likely a big-leaf maple that you have; sometimes they're as big as a dinner plate! Next year you'll probably be raking them instead of hoarding them! LOL I'm so glad your Seattle dream came true. Bravo, Russ!
Marji said…
Love your leaves! Keep in touch about your move to Seattle. Let me know if I can help :)
Diane said…
This is so perfect Becca--I'm going to remember this next Fall--we have TONS of them. Now the trees are bare and waiting for our harsh winter--I don't mind it that much though (as long as I don't have to drive in it)
Rosie Grey said…
Wow, Becca, this is amazing!! What great ideas you have! Can't wait to see what other ideas you have with memories of a cactus ;-)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Becca. I did a leaf on a journal cover the same way and it has lasted for a couple years, no sign of any damage. It is really cool to do that with natural materials. xox Corrine
Nancy Eaton said…
I have a big Sycamore tree that drops huge leaves in the fall - and I've always wondered about collaging them, but never tried. Now I will have to! Thanks for the inspiration - it's beautiful!
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, you are truly so talented!
Everything you create is really beautiful.
I am sure you will love Seattle, but it's probably a good idea to leave the cactus behind! :-) :-)
Gillian Olson said…
Well done, a beautiful piece.
Becca, this is gorgeous! I so love your willingness to experiment with different mediums...you really have an artistic, creative spirit!
christina said…
this is just gorgeous! and your profile picture is absolutely stunning. xo
Unknown said…
Wow! This is beautiful. I wish I had some of your talent!
I hope it's a good thing to be moving.
Halle said…
This is gorgeous!! Love all the layers...

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