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"That's My Spot"

Hi!  Remember me?  I'm Lucy... I wanted to show you this really cool spot in my mom's new craft room where I like to take a nap. There's a big cushy ottoman with a soft blanket right under this window. Sometimes, when it's not raining, the sun shines through and makes it extra warm and cozy. Mom puts pretty rocks here to make it all "zen-like."  This is my big sister, Shatzie. Sometimes she hisses at me when I'm all goofy running around and playing.   So, I try to be real quiet when I want to share this spot with her.  My big sis is like having an extra blanket to nap with.  Sometimes though, she has a hard time getting comfortable and growls at me a little. I don't know why...I try to keep her warm too! Either way, it's just nice she lets me share this spot with her, so I try to be good.  I love my big sister. Do you have a favorite s

Photography in the Rain

Donning my lime green rain coat, and rubber garden shoes I grabbed my camera and stepped outside to   take some photos in the rain. This song... White Daisy Passing  on my mind. Beautiful harmonies,  haunting lyrics and scenes of Seattle in the video. Enjoy. Have a beautiful weekend.  Becca 

Crocheted Stones and a Walk to the Water

I'm excited to tell you, I FINALLY learned how to crochet a stone! I have been mesmerized with the whole crocheted stone thing for a while now, so I am so thrilled.  But, I only know how to do this one pattern, so I'll have to keep practicing! My blog friend,  Tammy has also been crocheting sea stones.  They are addicting once you get started!  It's a beautiful, sunny warm day today, so I decided to go for a walk down to the water to photograph my sea stones.  These pink peonies were in someone's yard, aren't they gorgeous?  This is a great walk from our house and with the hills, maybe I'll get myself into shape!   I found a little path to walk along. One with nature. When I got down to the water, the first thing I noticed was this little feather.   It made me think of another blog friend,  Becky Shander She often uses beautiful feathers in her art. When I lived in Las Vegas,

Turquoise and Rust

It's "spritzing" rain today, so I made a cup of Spicy Ginger tea and started thinking about how much I  love the color combination, Turquoise and Rust Color + Texture =  inspiration for me today. What's inspiring you? Becca