Turquoise and Rust

It's "spritzing" rain today, so I made a cup of Spicy Ginger tea and started thinking about how much I 
love the color combination,

Turquoise and Rust

Color + Texture =  inspiration for me today.

What's inspiring you?



TexWisGirl said…
a really nice set, becca! i like the ball jars and yarn one best!
Pure eye candy, Becca...such beautiful color! Your photos are wonderful, as always!
Caterina Giglio said…
we had spritzing rain all yesterday and a big thunderstorm last night, my hydrangeas are looking beautiful and I don't have to water my veggie patch!
Susan said…
I love the patina copper makes on things! Such lovely colors! I'd have to say my garden is my inspiration lately. (or at least what it's producing)
Wonderful images! I have been inspired by all the rain we have been having...our garden is exploding and I was painting papers for a new book series.........I love this piano music...is that you playing your baby grand???
ELK said…
oh BEAUTIFUL combo!!
Numinosity said…
Ahhh, love the turquoise and you make it fairly glow in your shots.
My own collections have been inspiring me lately. Trying to combine them in different ways with my glass components.
Copper and enamel lately.
Lisa Graham said…
Yes...great color combination! Your photos are gorgeous! You have such an eye. What's inspiring me? Hmmm....the outdoors and nice weather are inspiring me to be outside...but it's doing little for my painting. :)
Pamela said…
Love it Becca!!!
I had the identical wind chimes as you !!
Love this tune...so cool!
Pamela xo
Mila said…
I am inspired by all the pictures, each in its style inspired different things. thanks
Clare said…
I just love this colour - one of my favorites. Yesterday I bought cushions for my lounge that are this colour. Have a colourfilled day. xox
andrea creates said…
beautiful color combination...i was actually knitting up some gloves in these two colors today... :)
Diane said…
Beautiful!!! and your right...my robin's eggs fit right into this post!
Catherine said…
That is a pretty color of turquoise in all your photos Becca! And how wonderful it must be for you to be sitting sipping tea enjoying the spritzing of rain instead of the heat! A nice change I imagine? :D

And nature is so inspirational isn't it?
xo Catherine
We have spitting camels. Does that count? Ha! Here it is just hot, hot, hot. Rusty brown and tarnished turquoise are always a beautiful combination. Best wishes, Tammy
Unknown said…
Such pretty photos.. Even though its hot here I have been enjoying tea also.. Only its Iced.. Hee Hee..

Terrie said…
Rust looks good with everything but especially w/ turquoise. Great inspirational combos!
Tracey FK said…
I love turquoise shades and this is a wonderful and inspiring collection...xx
Tracy said…
GORGEOUS... this is one of my fave color and texture combos too, Becca! I love chocolate brown and pinks together too. I have a cup of Assam tea right now... So great to share a tea break with you! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
christina said…
i love this color. it reminds me of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.
Halle said…
Love the color combo!!

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