Photography in the Rain

Donning my lime green rain coat, and rubber garden shoes I grabbed my camera and stepped outside to

  take some photos in the rain.

This song...White Daisy Passing on my mind.

Beautiful harmonies,  haunting lyrics and scenes of Seattle in the video.


Have a beautiful weekend. 



Unknown said…
Thanks so much for the photos of the rain. I only wish we would get a little here. Still hot as Heck here.

Enjoy my friend.

Unknown said…
Beautiful and peaceful pictures!!! Thank for sharing them. Have a great weekend too!
TexWisGirl said…
you're in a whole new world now. :)
Silvina Soave said…
Acabo de encontrar tu blog, hermosas imágenes de la lluvia!feliz fin de semana!!!
aahhhhh....rain! are you lovin it? please, send some my way, it is hot and DRY here! love them cute boots!
I love taking photos in the rain...yours are beautiful, Becca! So lovely there!
Georgianna said…
So glad you are finding positivity and beauty amongst our (wretched) weather. I know it's better than the dry heat most of the country has but we'd really like SOME sun!

Anyway, lovely photos and so glad you are enjoying it here. :)

Justine said…
I love your rain shots, you can almost feel the humidity there too and love your music!
Clare said…
Love how you have captured the emotion of rain - the feeling of rain on objects - the way it reflects the light, the mood it creates. It's a cold winter rainy day here in the Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands and it's just perfect!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic rain shotes and super cute rain shoes! xox
From where I'm sitting, the rain looks so absolutely refreshing. Everything is so clean and beautiful! Where I'm sitting, everything is just hot and dusty. :/ Enjoy! Have a great weekend. Tammy
Marji said…
Great rain shots!! I love the drop off the umbrella - and those shoes. Happy rainy Saturday.
Tracy said…
Simply delicious rain-kissed images & moments, Becca... Happy Day ((HUGS))
Catherine said…
I am thinking all this rain is like a new adventure in photography for you Becca. Beautiful captures!
Happy Sunday my friend!
xo Catherine
steph said…
lovely.....could you send some of that rain our way, too???
Lisa Graham said…
Dearest Becca, the world just seems so pretty and perfect when I look at your photographs. The shoes are amazing.

Judy S. said…
Love that Kokopelli stepping stone! Great photos; I had to smile at the sun with the rain dripping off it ~ only in Seattle. We experienced some amazing rain in MN last week.
Caterina Giglio said…
I love the rain too, so lovely ... enjoy the beauty and thanks for sharing it...
REALLY nice shots! Although I do wish the rain would go away for a bit...pretty as it is :)
She Who Doodles said…
it may be rainy but it's so beautiful in the NW. looks like you are finding your way around seattle.
Marilyn said…
What a change from Vegas!! I see you have already put your "touch" on your home -- gardening and decorating. Your kitties are adorable.

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