A Celebration and Farewell

Happy Weekend Everyone! 

This weekend I am back in Las Vegas with my hubby to celebrate a graduation.

It's that time of year and I bet many of you have family or friends participating in the same type of event. 

While this graduation tonight will be a special and emotional time for the 8th grade students,  it's also going to be a momentous event for my husband.  Russell is Head of the Middle school and has worked at this school for many, many years.

He's seen a lot of the kids enter into lower school and now as young adults heading off to different high schools.

Last night was a beautiful tribute dinner at the school for the students and their parents.  These are the flowers that were the center pieces on each table.

Every year I've attended these graduations, and it's fun to see the kids all grown up.  Some of them full of emotions and tears saying good-bye to their friends that might be going away to different schools. 

Each year I look forward to Russell's graduation speech.
He's a natural at getting up in front of a crowd and speaking.  Something I could never do. 

So, tonight another graduation and another speech.  But this one will be even more special and a little bittersweet.

I cry at the graduations anyway...I'm pretty sure I'll be crying tonight especially with this being his last one here in Las Vegas. 

Tomorrow,  a farewell party with friends,  then it's back to Washington to start a new school year, with new students, and new friends.
Never forgetting the old...there will always be good friends and good memories. 

Best of luck tonight Russell...I love you. 



TexWisGirl said…
how incredibly bittersweet, indeed. good luck to you both. lots of tears, i'm sure.
Clare said…
It's always sad to say goodbye to those lifes that you have spent time looking after and caring for. Teaching can be hard at times, but so rewarding. My husband is also a teacher and I taught for a year a few years ago, I still see some of the children i taught walking home in the afternoons and I always wonder how they are doing. I hope you have a wonderful weekend in LV - not too sad I hope.
Catherine said…
What a beautiful post Becca! Wishing your hubby good luck with his speech and to you for not shedding too many tears!
Wonderful flowers!
xo Catherine
OH, this will be bittersweet... Russell sounds like a very special and caring man. I'll be thinking of you tonight...XO LOVE the beautiful photos, too, Becca!
Patty Marker said…
What a sweet tribute. It's always a little sad to leave one place for another no matter how much you wanted it. Enjoy the party. Patty
A beautiful tribute to your hubby and his accomplishments. Difficult to move on. Have a wonderful time.
Anonymous said…
Aw Becca, you got me teary just reading this. Big hugs for your bittersweet farewell. xox
ELK said…
you are in my thoughts as you make the transition .. happy exciting future ...tearful goodbye !
My youngest son just finished up with 8th grade. Hard to believe he will be a freshman next year and my oldest will be a senior. Your trip is a bittersweet return for the graduation but another stepping stone to your new life in Washington. Your husband is fortunate that he has found work there. We hire all our international teachers from the US And Canada. This year we have many coming from Texas, Michigan and North Carolina.

I just finished up my third crocheted stone. So glad I finally did it! Enjoy your weekend. Best wishes, Tammy
Unknown said…
My daughter graduated from high school this year. I don't think that the tears will come until we drop her of at college at the end of the summer. I'm still working on prepping for her open house at the end of the month. I love the pictures of the flowers. They are beautiful.
Carole said…
what a beautiful post & lovely pictures :)
Jillayne said…
Yes, bittersweet for sure. And lovely that he gets this chance to say good-bye, and you are able to share it.
I am happy for you that you have teh chance to live a life you choose and hope Seattle will be good to you, as you love it so.
Unknown said…
I do hope all went well.. I hope you didn't tear up to much. And I just know Russ did great with his graduation speech. I thought of him when I was listening to the principal speech at A.J.'s graduation. Such beautiful photos..

José Ramón said…
Becca Great pictures you have left us happy thanks for your visit Sunday afternoon. greetings from  Creativity and imagination photos of Jose Ramon
Tracy said…
This is soooo LOVELY, Becca! Not least for the gorgeous, luscious flowers, but also the love for your husband shared. This time of year is tender is so many ways... Blessings to you both as you start your new journey in your new place in earnest now. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Lisa Graham said…
It would be hard to do a job like Russell's...I would get so attached to the kids and then to have to say goodbye would be extra hard. I hope the celebrations were wonderful and more sweet than sad. Russell is lucky to have you by his side, supporting him in his work the way you do with such devotion and tenderness.
Your photos are SUPERB, Becca! And gosh, how beautiful are those flowers from the centerpieces? Oh my. Best of luck to your hubby!!

PS - I have an eighth grader, who will be graduating in just days. Pass the hankie!
Justine said…
oh that is sad but change is good, hope you had a wonderful evening and weren't too sad.
Lisa Gordon said…
This is definitely bittersweet, Becca.
But you are off on a new adventure, and all of your wonderful memories will go along with you!

I wish you both the very, very best!


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