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Around the House

Is anyone still there?  What happened to September? 
Ok, well if you are still here, reading, thank you!  
All is well here, I just haven't posted as much lately. 

I've been dying to get out with my camera!  You see,  I have these crutches 
for a couple of weeks that have been holding me back a bit, but I'm not here to talk
about that.  I'm fine really...just a minor setback. 

So, today I hobbled out with my camera and snapped some things 
around home I thought you'd enjoy. :-) 
I've taken photos of this schoolhouse on the corner before.  
I mean, isn't this just the kind of school you see in movies or 
read about in novels?  I'm from Las Vegas remember, and my school 
was a drab, no windows, concrete building with a playground on asphalt. 

Today, I heard the kids and looked out as they were running down the stairs, 
to meet their parents.  It's about 15 minutes of laughter, chatter, backpacks 
and papers flying and some scuffling th…

Botanical Mixed-Media

Hi Friends! 
I hope everyone's had a great summer!  
I've been working on some mixed-media pieces lately, and one of 
the things that recently inspired me again, is this dragonfly.
Isn't she pretty? 
My new neighbor, Camille has only known me for a short time, but she
 knew me enough to know that when she found this poor little dragonfly 
in her garage, that I might appreciate it too.  I'd say she was right! 

I'm not sure I can work the dragonfly into one of my mixed-media pieces 
without damaging it, so I might just continue to photograph it as a 
botanical piece...this is a start. 

So, after the dragonfly, I started
 to get out the paint, paper and my pressed flowers and leaves again.

My desk continues to be a mess.

I picked out a fern leaf from our garden, 
and some hydrangea petals I pressed last year for this piece. 

My sewing machine has been calling to me too, so I added machine 
stitching on the sides. (above) 

There's just something so relaxing about …

Hydrangea Love

I can never get enough of them, and this is the time of year they 
show off their moody blooms! 

I love referring to them as "moody blooms" because of their ever changing 
colors depending on the soil's composition.
This hydrangea at our house used to be completely blue and now the past couple
of years, it's given me a variety of color from deep blue to lavender and pink! 

Below is something I found online that describes the meaning & symbolism
of the hydrangea.  The name hydrangea comes from the Greek "hydor," meaning 
water, and "angos," meaning jar or vessel.  Roughly translating the word to 
"water barrel," referring to the hydrangea's need for plenty of water. 

hydrangeaView our bouquets containing hydrangea 
First discovered in Japan, the name hydrangea comes from the Greek “hydor,” meaning water, and “angos,” meaning jar or vessel.  This roughly translates to “water bar…

What's New?

Hello friends, 
Gosh, I hate it when I get behind on blogging! 
I've just been staying busy and sometimes I don't 
always take the time to use my "big girl camera" and I just snap off 
shots on my iPhone.  How lazy is that? :-) 
Anyway, it's great to get back to my blog! 

These beautiful, blue hydrangeas belong to our neighbor, Camille. 
I must say, we are SO fortunate to live in a fun neighborhood with such
great neighbors all around! 

How's your summer so far?  Well, technically it's not quite summer yet, 
is it?  I guess it feels like summer to me since we've been enjoying summer like 
temperatures already! (summer weather usually starts in July for Seattle.) 
In fact, I'm kind of wondering if it's ever going to rain again! Lol

This is a new shepherds hook we bought that will keep
 the squirrels at bay.  I love seeing squirrels around, I just don't want 
them eating up all of the bird food! 
Now I have a great place to hang my favorite…

Happy May Day!

Hi friends, 

I made some simple little May Day baskets  to share today. 
It's always good when you can use supplies you already have 
to create some happiness. 

I also wanted to share some crochet stuff with you. 
This is a scarf/shawl I just finished.
It's worked with two strands of size 10 bamboo thread. 
The thread is very soft, and wasn't really all that difficult to work with. 
So, now that I still have "how to work" the pattern in my head, 
and remembering my mistakes, I'm 
thinking of trying it again only in a different color. 

Found these cute little sun and moon motifs in a 
book I have.  You know I just had to crochet some, especially 
the moon!  I'm thinking they might look good on my denim 
jacket or maybe an old pair of jeans. 
Remember wearing those iron-on 
patches on your jeans when you were younger? 

Then finally, I crocheted this pillow cover from a free 
pattern I found on line.  
This was the first time I have ever really tried 
Aran …

A Beautiful Spring Day

Hello friends, how is springtime in your part of the world? 

Today is my friend, Priscilla's Birthday, so I thought 
it would be a good time to show you this 
beautiful rhododendron she has in her front garden.

Beautiful buds burst into soft, pale color. 

"Rhodies" come in so many pretty colors.
I love this soft peachy pink one that Priscilla has. 

Yesterday, it was 70 degrees here in Seattle!  I took Priscilla to 
one of our favorite nurseries to have lunch in their Garden Cafe (outdoor table of course) 
and to shop for plants. 
Oh, and there was a couple of mimosas involved too. 

Happy Birthday Priscilla! 
I'm so happy to have you as my neighbor and dear friend.