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Botanical Mixed-Media

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone's had a great summer!   I've been working on some mixed-media pieces lately, and one of  the things that recently inspired me again, is this dragonfly. Isn't she pretty?  My new neighbor, Camille has only known me for a short time, but she  knew me enough to know that when she found this poor little dragonfly  in her garage, that I might appreciate it too.  I'd say she was right!  I'm not sure I can work the dragonfly into one of my mixed-media pieces  without damaging it, so I might just continue to photograph it as a  botanical piece...this is a start.  So, after the dragonfly, I started  to get out the paint, paper and my pressed flowers and leaves again. My desk continues to be a mess. I picked out a fern leaf from our garden,  and some hydrangea petals I pressed last year for this piece.  My sewing machine has been calling to me too, so