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Anemone Flower

I saw this beauty at the nursery last week and 
just had to take it home! 

It was a lovely sunny day and this Anemone was enjoying 
the sunshine as much as I was. 

With morning showers,  it takes cover,

only to start pointing it's face towards the light again.

I took the shot below, from my art room window. 
Suddenly, discovering new flowers has inspired me to 
practice drawing again. 

I love the simpleness of this flower. 
It sort of reminds me of the flowers I used to 
draw when I was a kid.
A circle, then a few big petals, followed by a long, thick stem. 
Did you draw those too?

We are anticipating lovely weather this weekend.

It's supposed to hit 70 degrees by Sunday!

Happy Easter!


Feeling Relieved and Grateful

Dear Friends, 
Thank you for your comments and concerns about my "Fetzer boy." 
It's so difficult when something seems wrong with your pet 
and they can't tell you what's hurting.  
The tests he had at the vet came back and everything was normal.
We are grateful he's back to his ol' goofy self again!  

Other than that, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at a new 
piece I'm working on. 

This pattern is called the 
Apple Blossom Placemat.
I've had it printed out for a while now, but I believe it was a 
free pattern from

I am using my favorite lace weight linen thread, and 
I hope to use this as a center piece on my dining table. 

Happy Sunday! 

Just outside my window...

Outside my window I can hear birds singing.
Just outside my window I see snowflakes.  Yes, snowflakes!
Really?  I asked myself.
I put my order in for snowflakes for December 22nd, 
not March 22nd!

Oh well, no worries because right now, just outside my window, 
I see sunshine.  Strange. 
I guess that's what people mean when they say if you don't like 
the weather here in Seattle, just wait a few minutes and it 
will change.  

These lovely daffodils are popping up in my garden and
in everyone else's garden too...a sure sign of spring! 
We're going to just lay low this weekend. 
I've been worried sick about my little "Fetzer Boy" kitty. 
Yesterday, we took him to the vet for some blood work and X-rays.  

Thank you for being here friends.

No Stone Left Unturned

Oh dear!  
Now that I am getting better at this, I can't seem to 
stop crocheting covers for stones! 

I like to relax for a while at night and 
work on these while listening to my "yoga" playlist 
on Pandora.

I love how this olive green crochet thread pops against the black stone.

This smaller stone didn't escape my crochet thread either! 

Now, I look for stones to crochet covers for where ever I go. 
Hum...I saw this while visiting the Bellevue Botanical Gardens near 
my home a few weeks ago.    :-) 

This is a stone I have that is always out to remind me to 

I haven't had a chance to ask about this plant. 
It seems to really be blooming in my garden, and I don't even know 
what it you? 

I love the tiny white buds.

If you haven't seen this on my Facebook page already, 
this is a baby afghan I made for a friend at work that's 
 having a boy.  
There's some really fun patterns in this book, 
however, I'm pretty slow wi…

Springtime Bird Cage

Hi Friends! 
I took a little bit of time this afternoon to take some pictures 
of my iron birdcage that's on our deck 
just outside of my art room. 

Last summer I simply "guessed" at what kind of plant to buy for 
a container I wanted to put into my birdcage. 
I had visions of a pretty vine running throughout the cage.  

The plant I picked out is a "Vinca" 
which is actually a ground cover. 

I really enjoyed it last summer with it's simple purple flowers and little 
vines I started to train through the cage. 

Well, since I had never really "lived" trough a winter here with all the 
rain and chill, I just figured that it wouldn't survive, and 
come this spring I would be 
re-planting another vine for the birdcage.

Then, one day, I looked out and happened to notice lots of little purple flowers...
lots of them! 

This little plant survived the winter in it's little container and 
seems very happy weaving through the cage. 

When the sun came …

Garden Inspiration and Design

A couple of weeks ago you might remember I attended
 the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.
Wow, what a fun day that was with my friends Priscilla and Stephanie.
I couldn't believe how much there was to see, do, and buy!  

So, today I thought you might like to see a few of the 
gardens that were on display this year.

The lighting was beautiful here in this contemporary garden design.

Loved this unusual gate...see the little cricket at the bottom?

I learned a little more about my camera settings too this day. 
I'm not used to shooting in artificial light and most of the displays 
were shown off with bright spot lights!

Then, the next display would be darker, so I had to adjust my 
settings each time.  
Look at this! 
Isn't this fun?  
I mean, who has a disco ball in their garden? 

Unfortunately, this one below wasn't my best photo, but I just 
had to show you my favorite garden display.
No, that's not a real body back there! Lol
 I love the vodka bottle, Camel cigar…

Just Some Stuff...

Happy Friday!  
Today, I just threw together a post to share with you some 
of the things I've been working on. 

These are linen thread hearts I made following this pattern 

Both hearts are crocheted with 100% linen thread.  The spool of linen
is called "lace weight" and the tan heart is made from 
 "sport weight linen"  which is 
a little larger thread.
Of course, you don't have to use thread to crochet these cute little hearts. 
I'm sure any type of yarn will work.  You know me...I'm just into the 
thread stuff right now. :-) 

So, other than that, did you know I have an Etsy shop?  
Well, more like a page with a banner and nothing for sale. 
I started it a while ago thinking I would like to put some of
my handmade items in there.
Then,  I got overwhelmed with the logistics and the fear that
no one would even be interested, so 
it's been on the back burner for a while now.  

The reason I even mentioned that is because I found this wonderf…