No Stone Left Unturned

Oh dear!  

Now that I am getting better at this, I can't seem to 

stop crocheting covers for stones! 

I like to relax for a while at night and 

work on these while listening to my "yoga" playlist 

on Pandora.

I love how this olive green crochet thread pops against the black stone.

This smaller stone didn't escape my crochet thread either! 

Now, I look for stones to crochet covers for where ever I go. 

Hum...I saw this while visiting the Bellevue Botanical Gardens near 

my home a few weeks ago.    :-) 

This is a stone I have that is always out to remind me to 


I haven't had a chance to ask about this plant. 

It seems to really be blooming in my garden, and I don't even know 

what it you? 

I love the tiny white buds.


If you haven't seen this on my Facebook page already, 

this is a baby afghan I made for a friend at work that's 

 having a boy.  

There's some really fun patterns in this book, 

however, I'm pretty slow with a project, so it took me 

a lot longer than just "a day" to crochet this! 

I hope things are "Springy" where you are.

We have high temps in the 50's (F) and rainy here in Seattle.

It's different than the 80's I'm used to this time of year living in the desert for so long.

However, when I look out and see all the daffodils, and cherry trees

blooming it warms me up with a smile.

Hope you're enjoying St. Patties Day!

I can smell corned beef & cabbage with potatoes in the oven right now!



TexWisGirl said…
laughing at your crocheted covers for rocks - or more so your obsession with it. :)

pretty afghan!

we're having 70s and 80s here. we NEED rain.
Lisa Graham said…
Well hello there my crafty friend...loving all the stones and covers...and the baby afghan turned out beautiful! Happy St. Patrick's Day...enjoy your meal! (I love the yoga station too!)
The stones look so pretty with their covers and the afghan is gorgeous. Blessings for you this week.
Catherine said…
You must have the prettiest rocks in the neighbourhood! Glad you are having such nice weather. It is ridiculous here in Saskatchewan.
xo Catherine
Becca- I love your stones in their pretty little sweaters. They're great! Happy St. P's Day :)
What a lovely thing to do to those stones! The baby blanket is gorgeous too. I didn't have corned beef but I put some green beans and potatoes in a pot with onion, garlic and a little ham...and it SO reminded me of my Mom's corned beef and cabbage. Don't ask me why though!
I love the crocheted stone covers...your color choices are beautiful!
Rosie Grey said…
Now how cute is that - so lovely, your stone covers!
I I love those tin buds, although I have no idea, what it is, either.
No spring here, it's just raining, it's cold and snow is predicted for the afternoon...
Hey Becca! I love your crocheted stones. Pretty colors and lovely designs. Are you following patterns or just making it up as you go along now? The baby afghan is especially beautiful! And I'm sure much appreciated and treasured. Our weather is already heating up. The a/c is on all the time. And we've had dusty skies the past couple of days. I posted about the traffic and accident today -- let's just say my mornings have not gone well and there are days when I wish I could just stay home and not have to deal with cuckoos. Hope you have a great week. Tammy
Halle said…
The covered rocks are so cool!
Unknown said…
Your crochet cover rocks look wonderful. So glad you are enjoying it so much.

It's almost to warm here already. I am not looking forward to this summer but at least we will be able to escape most of it. YEA!!!

Your Baby blanket looks so cute..

Georgianna said…
Hi Becca!

I LOVE the crocheted covers, too! They each have a personality. :)

The plant with the small, white (and most likely fragrant blooms) is Pieris. It's a wonderful plant, evergreen and blooms in early spring. We have several of them. My Mom has one that is pink! I need to get one of those.

So happy you are enjoying spring in Seattle. Wait a few more weeks and it will amaze you.

Anonymous said…
Your crochet work is quite beautiful Becca. That baby blanket is a stunner and I would like a whole wooden bowl of your crochet rocks to display. xox
Lisa Gordon said…
I just love these little stone covers, Becca!
They are truly so unique, and I am with you on the olive green. It s really perfect.

Wishing you a wonderful evening!
Judy S. said…
Hi Becca! We're back home and the snow followed us from Chicago. When we left it was 11 degrees that morning! You sure are becoming a crochet expert! Love the rocks and blanket.
(Georgiana is correct; your mystery plant is a pieris japonica; aren't they pretty?)
Alina said…
Lovely idea (as usual :0) Just popping in to say hello and to let you know I have finally mustered the courage to try and learn to crochet. I only hope that after MANY years I can create things like yours! Enjoy your weekend XO
Katy Noelle said…
what a lovely and contemplative post - I can smell the St. Patty's day dinner, now! Even though it's Palm Sunday! and, the funny thing is, we just went over to my sister's house for corned beef et. al just because it's so good and my men can't get enough! ;) But, it's your sweet post that is what is really cozy! Don't you love living in a place with some sort of shifting of the seasons?! =]

and, when it snows and the sun is out, I call it snow globe weather - so beautiful! =]

I'm glad your orange fella is okay and I love all the crochet - with the rocks, it's so tactile!

and I'm off to read more! =)


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