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Crazy for Chrysanthemums

It's that time of year again, wherever you go, wether it's the grocery store, Costco or  nursery there are Chrysanthemum's galore!   There's just something about these colorful seasonal flowers that makes me smile.  My mom always loved Mums...I think that has something to do with why I've decorated our deck and garden with them this year.  Do you have a favorite color of Mum? I love them all! Here is an image I found online for you to enjoy. (image source from Wikipedia)  Have a beautiful and most colorful week! Becca


It's pretty grey out this morning, so it's a good day to work on some of the  crochet projects I've started. *** This motif reminds me of a sand dollar.  "Thread Crochet"  is still challenging me, and I'm not ready to give up!  Making the little motif's are a great way to practice, and can be used in  so many different ways. I can see the close ups give away my imperfections and makes the thread  look a lot larger than it is.  (I'm using a size 10 crochet thread) The wonderful thing about blogging though, is the support and encouragement you receive and give with fellow bloggers!  This one...well let's just say it's been through a lot.   I think I've taken apart more rounds than I've finished.   Still, so many rounds to go here and hopefully once it's blocked it will look better.  I can't believe I'm determined to finish this one.  We will see!  T

Floating Homes of Seattle

Last weekend our friends and neighbors took us out on their boat. We headed over to Lake Union and got to see some of Seattle's famous  floating homes. To begin our tour, I was so excited to see the floating home  That was made famous by the movie, Sleepless in Seattle! Can't you just picture Meg Ryan's character, Annie walking up to the door on the side of the house in the rain, only to notice that "Sam and Jonah" are on the water in a little row boat enjoying the day?  Can you tell it's one of my all time, favorite movies?    :-)  So, I will quit talking so much, and just let you see some of these unique homes  through my lens.  Love the bright colors... Artistic sculptures... I guess I'd need a little water taxi like this to take me to the  shore when I needed more art supplies. LOL


Whoo!  Relax!   That's what's on my agenda this week. Now that we are settled into our new home and most everything is in it's place,  I started working in surgery again. I'll only be working at the surgery center a few hours each week. It was that full-time,  two week orientation/training I just finished that was tough!    Did you think I had forgotten about you?  Not a chance!   Getting to work by the crack of dawn, and being on my feet all day left me sleepy and not wanting to be on the computer when I got home.  I have to say however, that I do enjoy my early morning, short drive to work.  It's so peaceful at that time, and it's along the water most of the way.   So, it's a great time to just think, and breathe.  I've been drying some hydrangeas too, and putting them around the house. I even found a little time for some crochet. I still enjoy making

A Sunny Delight

Greetings Lovlies!  The sun has been shining here in Seattle for a record number of days now. So, I thought it would be a perfect time to share with you  the lovely sunflowers that adorn my neighbor's garden. Each morning, coffee in hand, I walk out on our deck and get to enjoy this sunny delight! I guess I've never really observed the sunflower up close and personal before. I find them so lovely in their every stage!  Accepting the light, they come to life against a blue sky. The colors remind me that autumn is just around the corner. Such amazing beauty and detail... ...towering over my 6ft stature. Thank you Sunflower,  for brightening my day!  Sending a little love and sunshine your way... Becca