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Change is in the air

"Change" What does that word mean to you right now? Maybe it's a change of seasons, or a change of pace. Change could mean a new job, or a new city, or something as simple as to change the channel or change your clothes. Are you ready for a change?
"There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction" Winston Churchill

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" Albert Camus

Hope the end to your week is great and you enjoy a restful weekend! Becca

Bindi & the Butterfly

I just had to share this photograph again of my little cousin in Oregon. I'll never forget "trying" to capture this "fluttering" butterfly on film while my cousin, Bindi was trying to "chase" it. Everyone watching was worried she was getting in the way of my shots. Wow! Thank you Bindi, I'll remember this moment forever!

Inspiration & Techniques

I love canvas collage! Canvas is such a fun medium to work with. Paints, papers, gel medium, molding paste, oil, fun, fun! One of my favorite mixed media artists, Kelly Rae Roberts has a wonderful book out called Taking Flight. Kelly shows you some different techniques to help you create your own work. In the book she gives you thought provoking quotes along with encouraging stories. One of the things I find most difficult is learning to "face your fears." You see from my photo that I haven't started the face yet...(my fear).

This is a great book. Even if her art is not your style, like it is mine, just reading this book will lift your spirits and give you the push you might need to "Take Flight"

A Charlie Brown Halloween

This has to be my most favorite of all the Charlie Brown holiday specials. My favorite part is when Snoopy is on his doghouse fighting the Red Barron. The music in this film is the best! Listen to the flute solo when Snoopy is playing with a falling leaf. Beautiful!


Well not exactly the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. I guess I just really like the sound of the word and to me October in Las Vegas is really when things start to cool down and you can really enjoy being outside again. Since we don't really have much of a change of seasons here and the colors in the city are minimal, I just love to decorate with pumpkins and containers of mums and pansies.

This little Fall Festival at a local middle school was fun for all. The kids enjoyed pony rides, train rides, a pumpkin patch and even a small petting zoo, not to mention lots of yummy eats like funnel cake!
Wow! rabbits and chickens and goats & sheep

More Fall weather goodies later. Thanks for stopping by!

A garden visitor

Who is this guy? A Praying Mantis? I think he's been hanging around here for a while. I wonder, what does he think about being caught on film? What is it about my garden that he likes? I only "pray" he's here to eat the spiders that I hate.

Have A Coke

I used to love to collect anything "Coca Cola." Then over time, my interests changed and my collection dwindled saving only a few cherished pieces, one of which is an old, vintage metal Coke sign that my cousins gave me. They were using it as a sled and thought I was weird for wanting it "just for looks." Now, it has it's place in a new collection of mine I call "garden junk."
Here's another Coca Cola item I cherish. Mom's Classic Coke Cake recipe. Well, I call it Mom's recipe, because it's in her handwriting and I always remember her making it, but you can just Google Coke Cake recipe and its everywhere! This delicious cake is very easy to make. Not sure what the Coca Cola does, but it sure taste great!