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I love canvas collage! Canvas is such a fun medium to work with. Paints, papers, gel medium, molding paste, oil, fun, fun!
One of my favorite mixed media artists, Kelly Rae Roberts has a wonderful book out called Taking Flight. Kelly shows you some different techniques to help you create your own work. In the book she gives you thought provoking quotes along with encouraging stories. One of the things I find most difficult is learning to "face your fears." You see from my photo that I haven't started the face yet...(my fear).

This is a great book. Even if her art is not your style, like it is mine, just reading this book will lift your spirits and give you the push you might need to "Take Flight"


Unknown said…
She is look'n good, can't wait to see the face.
Hi Becca,

Thanks for following me!

I do love your header! and I like that whizzy magical image show on your side bar too! lovely fairy dust!!!!

Sarah x

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