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Winter Break Happenings

Mr Sun decided to show his face for a little  while today.  And... I've been just like a little kid that won't take off my new rain boots.   I've had more fun with crochet lately. I've also enjoyed using pieces of nature to help me wrap some special gifts. It was fun to step outside into the rain with my shears to trim  off a little decoration or two. :-)  There's just something warm and comforting about  crocheting in the winter.   This was the season for my Star Garland,  and Star Fish!  Are you ready to start a new year? Will you be starting off your New Year with a celebration,  or a cozy nap?  I'm kind of like Shatzie here and plan to just stay warm and cozy. Even though Mr. Sun came out to play today, I'm pretty sure  Old Man Winter plans to  stick around for a while.  These next few days I'm going to take a

Merry Christmas from Seattle!!

Lots of baking,  sharing,  crocheting holiday "get-togethers," and  simply enjoying our first Christmas in our new city! (There's even talk of snow flurries on Christmas Day!) Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!  Blessings, Becca 

Simple Holiday Spirit

 Hello dear friends!  Are you feeling the holiday spirit this year? I'm feeling like a kid again seeing new things and  experiencing this time of year in my new home. Sometimes, it's all the lights I see that adorn the trees wherever I go. Sometimes, it's the misty air on my face or the Christmas music I hear when I'm out shopping and running errands.  Sometimes, it's just the light that catches the raindrops and makes  the branches sparkle and glisten. Today, I'm enjoying a cup of tea from a friend,  and...  I almost got out the tripod today too for the raindrop shots  when I realized, the tripod is in the closet where  Russell said, "No Peeking!" Oh well...I think they'll be more rainy days for the tripod shots.  So my friends, I'm wondering... what simple things put you in the holiday spirit?  Becca 

Hydrangeas for the Winter Season

I thought I'd take a little break from holiday photography and  show you something else today.  Remember all those hydrangeas I gathered and dried during the autumn season?  Isn't it interesting to see the different colors they've  dried to?  Although the "blue hydrangea" has always been my favorite  when they are growing in a garden, I think this  dried hydrangea that has turned a lovely aqua color is my favorite!  Which color do you favor?  Some have brown spots which I think means I probably didn't  pick them at the right time, but I saved them anyway as I think  they add a nice winter feeling to the mix.  This wooden basket holds them all nicely,  as long as I keep them where little Lucy can't get to them... Lucy is so fascinated with them for some reason... I don't want her to get sick if she eats one.  So, the dried

Seeing Stars

Handmade clay ornaments!  I first saw these on Pinterest...are you still a  "Pinterest Junkie" like I am?   So many great ideas there!  I also want to give credit to Jen over at  Muddy Boot Dreams Jen made some beautiful ornaments too and shares the link to the  Pinterest site with the recipe to make these. This was so much fun, I just had to share!  I felt like a kid again, making these Christmas ornaments. My star shape cookie cutter was the same one I used  years ago, to make sugar cookies with my mom.  For me, I like the simple white with natural twine. If you want color, you could try painting them!  Here's a shot of my ornaments on a doily  I crocheted with my favorite linen yarn.  (the same yarn I used for the star garland  I made that you can see  HERE) "This is not your grandma's doily"  :-) (Although...I am still working on my fine, thread cro