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Just Some Green...

Hello friends, 
I stepped out into the misty rain the other day to shoot some things 
around our deck area, looking for color. 

 This time of year, the rainy season, there doesn't seem to be 
that much color around..just mostly green. 

I am quite happy with green though...
so much more than the brown desert of my past. :-)

In fact, I do tend to lean toward the neutral tones just like this
beautiful taupe color of the gloves that my friend Judy knitted for me. 
Aren't they beautiful?  So soft too. 
Perfect for shooting in the light rain. :-) 

Made this crocheted wrap bracelet for my sis-n-law that lives in Bend, Oregon. 
The hardest part is stringing all the beads on!  
Lots of great tutorials on YouTube. 

Happy weekend! 

Now That's One Big Doily!

Hi Friends! 
I just wanted to take a second to show you the 
latest "afghan" I finished. 
It's called the 
Angelica Afghan
I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it yet. 
So far, it makes a nice cover for some of my old and battered 
leather furniture in our basement.

This was the first time I ever ordered a "kit." 
I was a little worried about what the yarn 
would be like, but was really pleased, and it's actually soft! 

This is a queen size bed in our guest room, so you get the idea 
of the size. 

However, Lucy here thought this was a better photo to 
show you the size of the afghan. :-) 

I'm "hooking" up for the first time today with 
"Hookin On Hump Day! 
You can check out some of the other fiber creatives, or join the party,  

Well, I'm off to do some housework, but the sun is shining and I'm 
thinking some sun time on the deck with a good book is a 
better idea! 

A Fresh Start

Greetings friends, Happy 2015! 
The holidays came and went like a flash for me this year. 
Since my last post, ("A Real Pumpkin Farm") Thanksgiving happened, I 
celebrated the big 50th Birthday, then Christmas was here and gone before I 
could catch my breath! Whew! 

Last year, 2014, I started a photo a day challenge on Instagram and managed to finish 
that without a hitch, Yay! 
  While I did meet lots of new friends and had a great time, I feel like I 
neglected my blog, and that made me sad.  

So, here I go 2015 slowly but surely making a fresh start! 
Hopefully they'll still be a few of you out there that haven't given up on me. 
This week is my MIL's birthday, so one of the gifts I have for her are these 
crocheted, heart coasters I made. 
(yes, I am STILL a crocheting, crazy cat lady) LOL! 

Another project I finished is this afghan/throw I made for my 
favorite reading chair. 
Hum...looks like I might have to see if Fetzer and Lucy will let me 
use it.…