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Happy New Year!

Just dropping in to wish you a Happy New Year!  2013 was full of some fun local travels and discoveries of our  beautiful new home in Washington.  I was thrilled to even have a bit of snow for a day right before Christmas!  (no laughing east coast friends!)  Loved watching the little birds hop around on the deck in the snow.  Winter sky over Lake Washington.  Have a safe and Happy New Year!  See you all in 2014!  Becca 

Season of Light

Hi Friends!  How's your holiday season going?  Not too stressful I hope. One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is "light." I love the warm glow of holiday lights everywhere!  It gets dark so early up here, so it seems like Christmas lights come on  earlier in the day.  Our lights come on about 4pm.  I love this time because the sky still  has a bit of color to add to the "magic."  I light candles, make a cup of hot cocoa,  and simply enjoy the peacefulness of the season  by the warmth of the fireplace. I had fun this year with "this old house" we're living in. We decided to put our tree up in the front room which is what we call  our "piano room." (since my piano takes up most of the room) :-) I found some ribbon with music notes on it to add to the theme of the room,  and since the wall color is sort of a "vintage g