Season of Light

Hi Friends! 

How's your holiday season going? 

Not too stressful I hope.

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is "light."

I love the warm glow of holiday lights everywhere! 

It gets dark so early up here, so it seems like Christmas lights come on 

earlier in the day. 

Our lights come on about 4pm.  I love this time because the sky still 

has a bit of color to add to the "magic." 

I light candles, make a cup of hot cocoa,  and simply enjoy the peacefulness of the season 

by the warmth of the fireplace.

I had fun this year with "this old house" we're living in.

We decided to put our tree up in the front room which is what we call 

our "piano room." (since my piano takes up most of the room) :-)

I found some ribbon with music notes on it to add to the theme of the room, 

and since the wall color is sort of a "vintage green" (yea, I kind of made that 

color up.)  I decided to "go with it" and get some new Christmas ball ornaments 

to compliment the color.

We've also been staying busy keeping the birds happy in the cold weather. 

It takes a little work this time of year, but the humming birds stay fed and happy.

So, I hope wherever you are, you are warm and happy too! 

Share in the Season of Light!  



TexWisGirl said…
really like that cute music garland - perfect for that room. :) sweet lights and bokeh you shared.
Anonymous said…
So festive and lovely! Always lovely in your home. xox
Lisa Gordon said…
I am definitely happy, and I am warm as long as I don't poke my head outside. High temp today was 12 degrees.

You tree is gorgeous, Becca, and the music garland is just perfect.

Have a wonderful evening!
Jillayne said…
Your house looks delightful Becca - warm and cozy and full of light.... love your piano room!!
Betty said…
You have capture the magic of the season.
Unknown said…
So pretty my friend. I really didn't spot any LED's in your photos. LOL..
Your Tree looks beautiful. So glad your enjoy the season.

Tracy said…
LOVE the new banner, Becca--it's so YOU! And LOVE all the festivity and magical glow here... Happy Holidays ((HUGS))

mmmm fabulous shots of the various lights of the season....just lovvvely!
Oh what beauty you have created here in your home. I am far from having my Christmas tree/lights/deocorations up but they will come, and I will enjoy them.
RURAL said…
Such beautiful bokeh, no one seeing this can avoid being in the spirit of Christmas.


Lisa Graham said…
Your beautiful place looks as lovely as ever with all the Christmas lights. You make every little space you live in warm...both with your decorative touch and your sweet personality.

Merry Christmas Becca.
Catherine said…
Your little corner of the world looks so cozy and wonderful Becca! It's hard to believe Christmas is mere days away. I too love sitting quietly with a hot beverage and staring dreamily on my Christmas lights. Fantastic beauty surrounds you.
Wishing you a wonderful week my friend!
xo Catherine
Caterina Giglio said…
darling music ribbon and gorgeous lights so pretty and cozy... almost finished and then I can put my feet up and enjoy the season!! xx
Justine said…
these all look so beautiful and festive and welcoming, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and see you in 2014
Heather Foust said…
This is beautiful!!! Nothing like an Old House!
Alina said…
What an amazing talent you have! Awesome photos, beautiful sites. Hope the New Year brings you nothing but light and sparkles :0)Thank you for the b-day wishes!

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