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Room With A View

Happy Friday everyone!  Ever have one of those mornings you wish you could just go back to bed,  then  get up and start your morning all over again? Well, instead of doing that, I took a brisk walk in the cool morning air, took some photographs, and now I feel renewed, and thankful for the simple things... like the view from my windows.  Just wanted to share... Now, time to quit taking photos from the inside looking out... I'm going outside on the deck for a little reading and crochet... care to join me?  I'll make some tea!   If you are listening, I chose the song "Peel Me A Grape" by  Diana Krall for this post.  We are going to see her in concert tomorrow night at  Chateau Ste Michelle Winery Hope you have a nice weekend!  Becca 

My Secret Garden Path

This little garden path along the side of our house was overgrown with weeds  when we first moved in.  It's such a lovely area with an arbor and trees on each side that can been seen from  a window in my craft room.  Now that we got rid of all the weeds, we made a little pathway. My neighbor, Priscilla shared (and planted) some of her own ground cover in between the stones along our new, garden path. She tells me that next year I will be trimming these little, delicate plants away from the stones. I'm still so skeptical about planting something in the ground and thinking it will grow. That's what growing up in the desert will do to you. :-)  There's just something so special about walking along this garden path and under the arbor to the lower yard. It makes me feel like I have my very own little secret garden.  I've decorated the trees with some colorful, glass, garden art. On a sunny d


Today my friends,  some  sights and sounds for relaxation. When I took these photos on the shore I noticed this woman playing with her son. The boy would pick up stones and put them into his mother's hand. Then, one by one he would throw them into the water. There was just something so beautiful about this that caught my eye. Hope you are having a beautiful week. Becca

Lacecap Hydrangea

My first love of the hydrangea was the  "Mophead" variety...those big, rounded blooms were unmistakeable in their appearance, and caught my attention straight away! Now, living here in the PNW, I'm starting to notice other varieties. This is the Lacecap Hydrangea ...more delicate than their bold, Mophead relative. Yet, still has a stunning statement to make. A bumblebee's paradise. A photographer's joy. I simply couldn't get enough of this beauty this day.  At home, near the coast, their colors blend so nicely. Blue, lavender, purplish pink... Lovely, lacy centers. If only you could capture the tiny buds as they open. I hope you enjoy these... I know I got carried away! Almost Friday my friends... Becca

Practice Makes...

Practice makes perfect Well, in this case, not exactly "perfect," but better!  I'm still trying to work on my thread crochet skills. During out recent visit to the Alderbrook Resort and Spa on the Hood Canal, I had a few quiet,  peaceful moments to enjoy the view and concentrate on a crochet project or two. Both the coaster and the bookmark I tried before with little success. The bookmark came out crooked, and the coaster was "curly" and big  because I didn't use the suggested correct hook or thread.  I'm pretty happy with how these turned out, in fact, I gave the coaster to my new neighbor and friend Priscilla,  for watering my container plants while we were away. ('s Seattle, and we haven't had rain for days!)  I'm thinking my mother in law might enjoy the bookmark. Just think!  By th