Today my friends,  some 

sights and sounds for relaxation.

When I took these photos on the shore I noticed this woman playing with her son.

The boy would pick up stones and put them into his mother's hand.

Then, one by one he would throw them into the water.

There was just something so beautiful about this that caught my eye.

Hope you are having a beautiful week.



TexWisGirl said…
they really are relaxing. the colors, ripples - so pretty. :)
Lovely music. Beautiful images! And I see lots of crochet covers for all those rocks. :) Wishing you a lovely rest of the week. Tammy
Dianne said…
Lovely post... sweet moments...
Yes I am and you've just made it more beautiful.
Totally lovely and relaxing, Becca...I'm so glad you are enjoying your new home!
Justine said…
these are such lovely relaxing shots, makes me want to be near the water right now
Catherine said…
What a wonderful place to sit, relax and think. Love those shells. The mother and her son are pure bliss. Lovely capture Becca!
xo Catherine
Judy S. said…
That doesn't look like the Kirkland waterfront? Nice photos!
Lisa Graham said…
How wonderful Becca...I love to watch a mother with her children too. What a peaceful post. Hope life is just as peaceful for you today. Sending love.
Anonymous said…
What a sweet moment you captured. Lovely shots of the oh so cold water in your new world. Love the new header. xox
Caterina Giglio said…
relaxing, lovely and beautiful post with nature scenes and humanity...
Linda Vincent said…
Totally relaxing...thank you Becca
Unknown said…
Such beautiful pictures. You know I just love the last shot..


BTW- Your new header look great!
Pamela said…
It's funny how you live in the exact same place as me but it's a different country. So glad you have found your really is for you. You have found your bliss Becca!! I cannot wait to go back to mine.
Pamela xo

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