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Hydrangea Surprise

Happy weekend everyone!  Time to de-stress. Oh, how I love hydrangeas!  Sadly, this flower does not grow in my garden where I live. It's too hot and too dry. :-( Therefore, a lovely and unexpected surprise from my sweet husband today!  Wishing you a stress free weekend.  Becca 

Bird Land

Hi everyone!  Here are the little birds I mentioned in my last post. They are so easy and fun to make.  The best part was using supplies and scraps I already had.  I haven't decided what to do with these little birdies yet, I just enjoyed making them.  I will probably just let them hang out in my craft room for future inspiration, or give them away or use them to embellish a gift. I just love birds don't you?   Just think of the possibilities!  You can use any color or embellishment to give your little bird his or her own personality.  Yesterday, I noticed this Raven sitting on the house behind our home.   I grabbed my zoom lens and shot this picture from our bedroom window.  Hopefully the neighbors in that house didn't look out and see me with my camera pointed directly at their house.  LOL!  I see these Ravens every once in a while, and love to hear their "caw" sound.  I found this interesting link if you are interested, click  HERE . I wish we had

Vintage Finds and a Scavenger Hunt

Wow, I feel like I've been away forever, but I guess work just gets in the way of the "fun" part of my life sometimes.   I'm linking up this week to Ashley Sisk's Photo Scavenger Hunt. The items this week are Chocolate, Numbers, Canned Food, Music, and Stack. I have a lot of "music" stuff around the house since I play the piano, so I didn't want to miss out on this photo opportunity!   Here are my interpretations for the five.  Chocolate You may have already seen this photo, so I just added a texture to change it up a bit.  Numbers Old printers type numbers, just one of my many vintage treasures.  Canned Food I keep this old soup can on top of our refrigerator, we throw our bottle caps in there.  Music My piano Music A very well loved Chopin music book. Stacked Metal baskets I just purchased and distressed to look like old locker baskets. (most of the textures I used for today's post are by Kim Klassen) Thanks for dropping by. You can see

Fabric Beads & A Message Through Art

Hi everyone!  I hope you are spending this Valentine's Day weekend with those you love.  I had a romantic dinner with my "sweetheart" last night. We wanted to celebrate on Saturday since we had the time off from work and could enjoy it more.  This weekend has been lovely outdoors, so it's been fun trying to divide my time in the sunshine, and also wanting to be creative.  If you're like me, I'm sure you have a lot of fabric and paper scraps stashed around that you wonder what you're going to use them for, well I finally decided to try and make some fabric beads. I don't have them all embellished yet, but the way the sun was shining through my window so beautifully this afternoon, I didn't want to wait to show you what I've done so far.  It's so easy!  You just use some watered down glue and wrap your fabric around a bamboo skewer that you've wrapped in plastic wrap so the glued fabric won't stick.  Let dry overnight and your


I couldn't come up with real "forget me nots" but thought these flowers were pretty just the same.  All photographs were taken by me, some are from my archives and a couple were taken just today. Hope you enjoy. (most of the textures I used are by Kim Klassen and Shadow House Creations...thank you! )  (I took this shot while visiting the ocean in Half Moon Bay, California)  (my courtyard this afternoon)  (my wedding bouquet of Star Gazers.  I played with the hue & saturation to get the green tones)  (just outside today coming up in a container)  (blue hydrangeas I saw while visiting Kauai)  (the island in my kitchen with fake lavender and my drink of choice)  I'm linking up again this week with Lisa Gordon's Creative Exchange. Click here to see all the other creative entries! ...dreaming of spring!  Becca 

Heart to Heart

So where does time go?   It seems like there are so many projects I want to do (some not so fun, just projects around the house) but I can never find the time.  Do you ever feel like that?  I did manage to make a few fabric Valentines though, that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I remember being a kid, and was so excited to fill out all of my Valentine cards to give to my friends at school the next day.  Maybe it was that same childhood excitement that filled my heart when I was making these. I think I will still enjoy making hearts even after Valentine's Day.  Hearts and birds are some of my favorite things.  I also wanted to include this photo of a clay heart I made for a friend a couple of years ago. I might have to get out my clay and try that again, it was also fun to work with, and I think  Fetzer approves too!  Thank you for leaving such sweet messages on my last post.  It makes me so happy to read each and every one!  Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,  Becca