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Wishful Thinking

Dreaming of autumn,  wishing for cooler temperatures to arrive while (Seattle)  staying indoors drinking iced coffee. :-) What are you wishing for this weekend?  Sending thoughts and prayers out to those of you on the east coast affected by hurricane Irene. Thank you for your sweet and encouraging comments on my latest artful journey into sketching. Still practicing and having fun!  Becca 

Art Journaling...Faces

I've been wanting to learn how to draw faces for SO long!  Those of you that paint, and draw have been inspiring me to try this for some time now. This is my first attempt with water color crayons, colored pencils and acrylic. I became a member of  Willowing & Artist Friends Tam offers so many fun workshops, and this is where I discovered her  "free" Art, Heart & Healing workshop. She shows you how to get started with a face.  I didn't have the flesh colors of watercolor crayons, so some of the color I used is just  colored pencil, and I found that harder to blend. I still need more practice with the shading and noses, but felt pretty good about my first sketch. I love suns with faces, so that is where I'm going with this.  I don't really feel finished with this yet, so who knows what it will turn into!  Once I get more comfortable I'm hoping to be able to print some of my work on to fabric  and add some stitching, what do you think?  O

Sights and Sounds of Nature

"Give your stress wings and let it fly away." Carin Hartness Still sharing photos from our trip to Asheville, NC. Wishing you peace, Becca

Hemp Tatted Flowers

Still practicing my tatting!  A very simple, double stitch with picots   makes a pretty little flower.  Here,  I am using "hemp beading thread."  I think I will use these for embellishments, or maybe to create a piece of jewelry, what do you think?  Here are some of my favorite natural looking beads that might work with my flowers.  The hemp is actually not the best thread to use for a large tatting project.   For a beginner like myself,  it's better to use a larger, thread made for tatting .  I just couldn't help myself with wanting to use the hemp so I was thrilled to at least make a few of these little flowers with it.   The hemp and natural stone have always been my favorite combination.  Now that I have these little flowers down, maybe I'll go back to using the real tatting thread and learn to make one of those bigger tatting pieces.  Hope your weekend is a happy one!  Becca 

Some Crafty Goodness

Hi all!  Here is a bit of creativity that I've been up to. Remember the Christy Tomlinson She Art Workshop that I enjoyed so much?  Well, I found a book that had a little "different" type of girl, so I though I'd give it a try, because it's tests my drawing skills a bit.  Here you learn to practice drawing your girl on a grid and giving her some "attitude" with the way you draw her.  I still need lots of practice with this, but it was really fun!  After you draw the grid and sketch your girl, you copy it on to tracing paper so then you can position your tracing paper design over book paper, pattern paper, or designer papers of your choice and then cut it out. Creating a background is your choice.  I used the sponge look here and the one above I just tore strips of different papers and collaged them to the canvas.  This one is a smaller canvas that I made for a friend.  She loves Happy Hour!  I'm also taking a class at our local JoAnn'

The Art of Dancing in the Rain

Dear Friends... Even though it's only been a week, it feels like an eternity since I've been here to share with you.  In my last post I mentioned that I hoped to be showing you some "creativeness" that I've been up to, and  while I did manage to get a collage done that I will show you soon, this last work week has been a real "doozy."  So instead, while I am on the mend this weekend from my week of turmoil, decisions and change I thought I'd rather share with you  "the rain."  If you've been following me for a while, you will know how much I love the rain. During our visit to North Carolina I got to experience a downpour of sweet, refreshing, wash away all your stress...rain.  The photos I took of my dear niece and nephew depict the playfulness of my soul. I will be by this weekend to catch up with you all.  Thank you always for your sweet words and friendship.  I feel lucky to have this creative outlet to soothe my r