Sights and Sounds of Nature

"Give your stress wings and let it fly away."
Carin Hartness

Still sharing photos from our trip to Asheville, NC.

Wishing you peace,



Anonymous said…
Oh my.... the sunlight streaming through your top and bottom photos are so lovely. Almost got carried away in that light.
Rosie Grey said…
These are so wonderful, Becca! The light is so beautiful!
Halle said…
Your pictures are magical!
Beautiful photos....these are some of the reasons I love living in captured it perfectly.
Anonymous said…
Take me there Becca. I have always wanted to visit Ashville, now I got a little glimpse thanks to you. xox Corrine
Ashley Sisk said…
oooh these photos are so dreamy.
Becca, what a heavenly place! One couldn't possibly carry any stress in such a place.
Thought you might like to see one of my creative creations (from the Great Big Card Swap if you're familiar with it? - the theme is bloom). On Flickr:
It's inspired by mixed media. I haven't actually started any pieces yet from the She Had 3 Hearts workshop, but the videos has given me so much already - love it. I love how simple and random it appears and yet so fantastic. It's made me aware of old "artistic ghosts" that I'll be more than happy to be rid of!! How did you find the workshop you participated in??
Holly Loves Art said…
Gorgeous pictures... they gave me the chills. Thanks so much for sharing. :)
lovely and peaceful images here!! i love the light streaming through.......
PEACE to you too.
Unknown said…
This shots are just heavenly. You captured the light perfectly..

Last day!!!! YEA!!!!!

Hugs, Linda
Anonymous said…
Amazing shots,amazing!
Have a great day, kisses:)
Darla said…
North Carolina is a beautiful state and you are featuring wonderfully.
Catherine said…
Mmmm.... nature is always so rejuvenating. Lovely captures Becca!
xo Catherine
ELK said…
just so pretty !
Lisa Gordon said…
What beautiful photographs these are Becca!
The light in the first one is just gorgeous.
Justine said…
oh these are wonderful! that first one drew me straight in, I could just sit under that tree with the beautiful light and then sit waiting for birds and wildlife to come to the birdtable in the last shot, perfect perfect shots with perfect light.
Tracy said…
*sigh*... I feel refreshed and happy just looking and visiting here today--thank you for this beautiful moment, Becca :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Paula said…
Stunning Becca!! All that beautiful diffused light too - magic x
Becca! Just did a bit of catching up and I LOVE that post about where you create. MY... to be a guest in your home! - and in the company of Shatzie and Fetzer :-) and the gorgeous setting of your creative space. It'd be difficult to keep fingers off! Bliss!
Lovey said…
Becca, your photos are always have such feeling in your work!
Anonymous said…
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Pamela said…
Beautiful photos Becca!
What a gorgeous area.
I have the same apple tree!!

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