Art Journaling...Faces

I've been wanting to learn how to draw faces for SO long! 
Those of you that paint, and draw have been inspiring me to try this for some time now.

This is my first attempt with water color crayons, colored pencils and acrylic.

I became a member of 
Tam offers so many fun workshops, and this is where I discovered her 
"free" Art, Heart & Healing workshop.
She shows you how to get started with a face. 

I didn't have the flesh colors of watercolor crayons, so some of the color I used is just 
colored pencil, and I found that harder to blend.

I still need more practice with the shading and noses, but felt pretty good about my first sketch.

I love suns with faces, so that is where I'm going with this. 
I don't really feel finished with this yet, so who knows what it will turn into! 

Once I get more comfortable I'm hoping to be able to print some of my work on to fabric 
and add some stitching, what do you think? 

Oh, and yes,  I STILL need to practice tatting...I love that too! LOL
I have a difficult time sticking to one thing don't you? 

Have a wonderful week, 



TexWisGirl said…
fabric would be neat with that sun! :)
Anonymous said…
I love your first sketch. She reminds me of myself when I was very young. One eye a bit lower than the other, long nose... but if only I had had those lips. Mine were thin. Love this sketch!
lilylovekin said…
Way to go with your first faces, they are terrific! Yes I have trouble staying put with one thing, I have a little bit of this and that around my house sometimes it drives me crazy. Back to work after a few days off-so sad. Lorrie
Starting to look very sophisticated....a new level! I like it..
Judy S. said…
Gosh, Becca, you have so many talents! Tatting is one thing I could never quite get; years ago our n'bor tried to teach me unsuccessfully. Your sketching looks great to me! Hope your decisions have turned out to be good ones. Take care.
I love the face, Becca...the eyes draw you in...your creativity is inspiring, girl! XO
Catherine said…
Good for you for being open to try everything! And looks at your terrific results ~ very cute Becca!
xo Catherine
Caterina Giglio said…
I call it AADD or artists attention deficit disorder... but that probably is not an accurate term ... more likely is that we are just born that way as creatives!!! lol.. xo
Unknown said…
Oh my gosh girly.. These turned out fabulous.. Your eyes look great. I tried to watch the video, but I had to sign in and they needed to accept me before I could watch it..

Now I really want to give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hugs, Linda
Darla said…
You should be very proud of your work. Love how you have the same color eye shadow as the eyes! Yes I have a hard time sticking to one thing. Some many ideas, so little time.
Anonymous said…
Love your adventurous spirit and williness to try anything and do it so well. Love the sun face! xox Corrine
Pamela said…
I love this and want to do this now too!!
I love love this song's making me happy!!!
Unknown said…
I know what you mean about sticking to one thing .... But I say, "follow your heart!" great job with the sweet faces .... Willowing and Friends has such fun toots :)
Diane said…
Wonderful faces Becca!--keep going--it becomes very addictive. And yes--I think that's why they call it mixed media--I'm always doing something different and then going back to it later--it stays fresher that way.
These would be VERY cool on fabric too!
Lisa Gordon said…
I would not even know where to begin here Becca!
You have done these so beautifully!
storybeader said…
I've been wanting to learn how to draw faces too. I'm looking into this. Thanks for the link! {:-Deb
GardenOfDaisies said…
These are wonderful! I don't have any success drawing faces.
I signed up for that class, but I quickly learned I can't draw even the simplest face. Love what you are doing, though. And these are so much fun. I would have stopped by sooner, but I'm still catching up on life in general!
Tracy said…
This is an AMAZING first try, Becca--seriously impressive, and seriously beautiful too! I think you've capture a great spirit in this face. And there is a playfulness about it that I love, as well as the overall colors you've used. And the sun-face is wonderful--very fun! I must check out this workshop you mention. I've been dabbling in some face/figure drawing too, and have to say I don't find it at all easy--so I could definitely use some help...LOL! LOVE your idea of taking your images onto fabric! Can't wait to hear more about that. Oh, I have too many irons in the fire too. Painting, jewelry making, knitting, writing...well, too many things maybe?! Thanks so much for your comments about my chakra journal. I am loving the process & creative energy. And I burn incense everyday in my little studio room--changing the scent with mood or focus I need. I also diffuse essential oil--patchouli is my fave too. :o) Thanks for sharing so much. Happy Days ((HUGS))
Halle said…
Amazing faces! I lack that ability. I wish I could draw faces...really badly...but alas, I am just bad. :)
Lovely face. I piddle in sketching from time-to-time. Need to do it more.
Marji said…
YAY, Becca! Great faces - and this is your first attempt!!? Am really loving these. Looks like we'll be learning together :)
Linda Vincent said…
You did a great job Becca...and I'm guessing you enjoyed it too :-)
Jillayne said…
I think it's wonderful Becca! I love how you are always trying something out, and it looks like you had some fun with this. I also like sun faces!
Georgianna said…
I love the sun the best, Becca! Printing on fabric would be beautiful. And yes, I do find it hard to stick to one thing. :) xo – g
So wonderful Becca! I love your beautiful girl! Thank you for sharing her with us. Your post reminded me of how much I love to draw. I must make time for it again.
christina said…
oh this is so beautiful!
your faces are lovely.

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