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Days of Sun

Happy Friday everyone!  Just thought I'd take a few moments to pop in and share  some sunny photos with you.  Has it been sunny where you are?  We're still getting our rainy days, but boy when that sun comes out,  it feels so good!  I try to get my dose of vitamin D by hanging out on our top deck with my  crochet or a good book for a while.  It's also been fun to walk down to the local bakery for a loaf of   fresh sourdough!  Walking back home, uphill makes me feel  less guilty about eating a couple of pieces.  When the days are clear, we get a tiny peek of the snow capped Olympic Peninsula.  I've planted a couple of container plants on the deck that are sun loving,  and should do well up there this summer when we don't get much rain.  This one is actually a berry.  Not sure if I will actually see berries on it this summer, but it sure is green and has these lovely, little pink f

Springtime and the Crochet Saga Continues

Hi friends!   Can you believe April is upon us already?  We've had an abundant amount of rain.  The trees and flowers love the rain as much as I do, and everything is so green.  I love this early blooming Rhododendron in our garden that we get to  see from our little kitchen.   This is a new doily I've been working on with some thread I already had in my stash.  With only a couple more rows to go,  I realized I needed a little more thread.  So, when I went online to order it, I discovered this color is no longer available.    Surprisingly enough, I couldn't even find it on Etsy or Ebay. Oh well…I really didn't have any plans for it, but here's the thing... I was kind of digging how this color looks with denim so I think I'll pull it all out and just use the thread for smaller projects or even crochet appliqué on  a denim skirt.   What do you think?  THEN…!  You&#