Days of Sun

Happy Friday everyone! 

Just thought I'd take a few moments to pop in and share 

some sunny photos with you. 

Has it been sunny where you are? 

We're still getting our rainy days, but boy when that sun comes out, 

it feels so good! 

I try to get my dose of vitamin D by hanging out on our top deck with my 

crochet or a good book for a while. 

It's also been fun to walk down to the local bakery for a loaf of 

 fresh sourdough!  Walking back home, uphill makes me feel 

less guilty about eating a couple of pieces. 

When the days are clear, we get a tiny peek of the snow capped Olympic Peninsula. 

I've planted a couple of container plants on the deck that are sun loving, 

and should do well up there this summer when we don't get much rain. 

This one is actually a berry.  Not sure if I will actually see berries on it this summer,

but it sure is green and has these lovely, little pink flowers now.

The tulips are still everywhere. 

I have this old wheelbarrow that I hardly even really remember sticking 

bulbs into last fall,  until this happened.  It was a beautiful surprise! 

I love how the tulips open up in the sunshine. 

 Hey Lucy!  How'd you get into this post? 

She's been following me everywhere just like a little puppy, 

and I love 

every minute of it! 

Wishing you a beautiful and happy weekend! 



TexWisGirl said…
so good to hear from you! i just feel the love of your life in your posts! it brings me joy to feel yours!
Lisa Gordon said…
I just love Lucy, Becca!
It looks like you are having a beautiful spring.
We're getting there, slow but sure.
It's a beautiful time of year. I love the sunshine and we have plenty of it here. We're headed for a hot weekend but I love it! I love your photos, too my friend! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!
Judy S. said…
What a great photo of Lucy! She is one cute kitty. After all that rain, it is great to see the sun, isn't it? I think your pink flower might me a currant... What bakery do you go to in Kirkland? We might have to check it out. Have a good weekend; we are babysitting for M and S.
Tracy said…
Oooo... LOVE the blue yarn... and spring views! Happy Days, Becca ((HUGS))
andrea creates said…
what a beautiful view...and photos...!
have a lovely weekend :)
CarolHart said…
Yesterday was truly a gift! You've captured some lovely images of your day. Have a great weekend!
Kate said…
Such beautiful photos and Lucy is adorable like always! We've been seeing the sun a little more here, now I'm just waiting to see some more green!
Have a great weekend!
Kate :}
Heartwideopen said…
GORgeous blue yarn!!! What is it?? Your photos make me smile. You have such a wonderful eye!! Lucy is adorable!
HuGGs from wayyyyy up north in Lynden, WA
Oh my gosh! That Lucy is just too cute. Jingles follows me, too. I go to the living room, she plops next to me on the couch. When I am sitting here in the tv room, she also wants to sit right next to me but there's too much stuff -- mostly yarn and whatever other projects I'm working on, plus my phone and laptop. Yet, she still tries to find a space to curl up. Everything is so pretty where you are and what a view! Have a wonderful day. Tammy
Catherine said…
Lucy clearly needs her 5 minutes of fame! Such a sweetie! We've been having rain here but I am hopeful that it means we will enjoy May flowers.
Keep enjoying your beautiful scenery Becca!
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
Pretty, Pretty.. I have to say Tulips are becoming my favorite flower lately. I see them everywhere.. Yours looks so pretty. We have been getting rain here most of the day. So we have been tucked inside Big Bertha enjoying every minute of it. Hope you have a happy week..

Justine said…
look at those beautiful tulips and that beautiful cat!
Alina said…
Love these photos (Especially Lucy's LOL) We are having a cold/rainy Spring here in New Jersey. Actually, it's been raining nonstop for the last 24 hours. I can't wait to see the sun shine again! Thank you for your visit to my Blog and thank you for sharing your beautiful world. XO
Jillayne said…
Lucy is adorable! I love your tulips Becca - hope you enjoy more beautiful sunshine!

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