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The Dog Days of Summer

I'm still here friends, and if you are here reading this,  thanks for still being here!   We've had an eventful summer so far with friends visiting from all over. It's been fun catching up and showing them around Seattle.  I've been pretty determined lately to do projects with the supplies I already have, rather than spending money on stuff I don't really need.  (although, there is an afghan I have a pattern for that I really want to make, that I will need to buy yarn for…eventually.  Lol)  It's pretty nuts when I think about the stuff I already have in my craft room to create.   So, here's just a simple little flower necklace with buttons, and a star made of  cotton yarn that would look cute on a package or strung up with a few more. and here's my current afghan blanket project.  This is yarn that I've had for believe it or not, about 10 years. I found this lovely flower mo