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Ladies in Lavender

These are just a few things I found at a local craft store.  I'm suddenly on a lavender kick now!  Although this is not real lavender, I thought it would work for now to dress up my kitchen table.  I don't really know that much about lavender I guess, but I wonder if it would be something I could grow in my region.  Since I live in the desert, it gets pretty hot in the summer and I usually follow the guide lines for the region 7-9.  Does anyone know if you can grow lavender in a container?   I must do some research!  It was another rainy Saturday here in Las Vegas, so a great time to curl up with some favorite magazines. Here's a little peek inside.  Another favorite read this weekend was Layered, Tattered & Stitched A Fabric Art Workshop by Ruth Rae Can't wait to try some of these things!  Then what better way to end a rainy Saturday than with a little homemade clam chowder

Sunday Blues

I hope I'm not boring anyone by posting a couple of photos you might have seen before.  It's been one of those lazy weekends where it was hard to get "motivated" to do anything!  The body just wants to rest, but the mind kept thinking of all of the things I needed or wanted to do. I was going over some of my past creations and reading lots of beautiful blogs in hopes of awakening the creative soul!  Collage on canvas in some of my favorite colors, blues and purples! Shatzie feeling the same way I did this weekend. Making tags and bookmarks are some of my favorite creations.  an attempt at an "art quilt" eye candy This is a recent collage I did for a friend of her dog,  "Blue." *** So, what does "Blue" really mean? A beautiful blue eye? A favorite color? A certain type of music? Humm...all of these things are positive, so I guess when I say I have the blues today, it really can't be all that bad right? *** Hope you have a gre

Is it real, or is it Memorex?

Despite the amount of rain we have been getting lately, we are still in the midst of a drought here in the desert of Las Vegas. Last year we had synthetic or what I call "fake" grass installed.  This was winter of last year...looks so green and real huh?   A lot of popular choices in this area are what some people call "desert landscaping" which might include rock, dirt, and other beautiful desert plants which has adopted the term "Xeriscape" (pronounced zero-scape)  This isn't a large area of grass, so the "fake" grass was ok, but I do miss the smell of a freshly mowed lawn.  Anyone know of a candle scent of "freshly mowed lawn smell I can buy?"   I was worried, but the birds didn't seem to mind the "not so real grass" as long as I still had some trees and plants and bird food for them.  The bare branches of the plum tree this past weekend appeared to have tiny buds in hopes for some pale, pink spring blossoms

Sweet Memories

When I was a child growing up in the small town of Henderson, I remember making colorful sugar cookies with my Mom. After we made the cookies we would put several on a "paper plate" and Mom would have me take them to the neighbor's house...ring the doorbell, and run and hide until they answered. Later that same evening, our doorbell would ring and I would run to the door to find a beautiful display of homemade goodies on a "paper plate" from my neighbor friends!   I grew up thinking that was the "norm" for Valentine's Day, but as the years went on, the tradition faded, but the memories remained. *** Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day with lots of love and sweet memories! 

A Rainy Day Treasure Hunt

Last Friday after work, I decided to visit a few of the antique shops here in Las Vegas.   The weather was cloudy and just started to rain.   It was the perfect afternoon to do a little "junking." *** I felt like I hit the jackpot when I ran into these vintage bobbins!  The casings are a cardboard type of material.  Then of course, there is always my favorite vintage, glass Ball Mason jars with the lid that has a porcelain insert.  You can never have too many of those!  A glass doorknob and this little ceramic container with a metal handle was just waiting to be a part of my  collection.  There is just something about these vintage porcelain faucet handles that have always caught my eye. Last but not least, a whole pile of wooden, vintage clothes pins!  I think these will be useful as a fun way to display some of my favorite paper craft pieces that friends have made for me.  *** When I arrived at my first stop, Red Rooster Antiques, I just stepped in from the rain and

Bonus Day

So today is a "bonus" day for me.  I call it a "bonus" day because it's an unexpected day off in the middle of the work week. Today, I hoped to spend some time in my little courtyard reading and enjoying the sun, but even though our temperatures are mild here this time of year,  when the wind blows it makes sitting outside too cool and less enjoyable.  I know, I should still feel blessed that I'm not buried in a snow drift somewhere like in other parts of the world, but this is how it is, and I will make the best of it even if it means just blogging about it.  I found this photo I took just after it rained one day.  As crazy as it sounds, I'd rather sit outside in a mild rain than sit in the wind.  The color of green and the promise of spring Since I can't grow my favorite blue hydrangeas here in the desert, purple/blue pansies with bright yellow centers make me smile.  ...or the face of a bright yellow pansy. more garden art If only I could