A Rainy Day Treasure Hunt

Last Friday after work, I decided to visit a few of the antique shops here in Las Vegas.  
The weather was cloudy and just started to rain.  
It was the perfect afternoon to do a little "junking."
I felt like I hit the jackpot when I ran into these vintage bobbins!  The casings are a cardboard type of material.  Then of course, there is always my favorite vintage, glass Ball Mason jars with the lid that has a porcelain insert.  You can never have too many of those! 

A glass doorknob and this little ceramic container with a metal handle was just waiting to be a part of my  collection. 

There is just something about these vintage porcelain faucet handles that have always caught my eye.

Last but not least, a whole pile of wooden, vintage clothes pins!  I think these will be useful as a fun way to display some of my favorite paper craft pieces that friends have made for me. 
When I arrived at my first stop, Red Rooster Antiques, I just stepped in from the rain and heard the nearby train.  I don't ever really think about that cargo train that occasionally runs near Las Vegas Blvd, but on that day, while I was out in the rain, hunting for antiques,  just for one split second I felt like I was in Oregon, or Washington.  
I know that might sound silly to you, but it was fun for me to remember the times I've spent in Seattle and Portland at some of my favorite antique places. 
Where are your favorite places to find vintage treasure? 
Have a great week!
x Rebecca


Great finds! All just the things I'd choose, too!
Hi Becca- thanks for visiting my blog! I checked out the post you had mentioned- it really WAS a pretty snowfall- your home looks SO lovely! I enjoyed your pretty Christmas posts, too!
Unknown said…
Very Very Cool.... I just love the little Vintage bobbins. I don't know if I say this enough but.... I just love your pictures!
Anonymous said…
Becca, and how did I miss YOUR blog while being in DJ's class!!?? You are one excellent photographer and I am definitely signing on as a follower AND adding you to my list of favorites!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and for posting a comment so that I haven't missed out on visiting with you here also!

Please come back and visit again!
Anonymous said…
PS: Becca, come back to my blog and enter my giveaway! It's (sorry!) on page 3!

starseasons said…
Becca, what great finds. Now what to do with them? ;-)

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