Sunday Blues

I hope I'm not boring anyone by posting a couple of photos you might have seen before.  It's been one of those lazy weekends where it was hard to get "motivated" to do anything!  The body just wants to rest, but the mind kept thinking of all of the things I needed or wanted to do.
I was going over some of my past creations and reading lots of beautiful blogs in hopes of awakening the creative soul! 

Collage on canvas in some of my favorite colors, blues and purples!

Shatzie feeling the same way I did this weekend.

Making tags and bookmarks are some of my favorite creations. 

an attempt at an "art quilt"

eye candy

This is a recent collage I did for a friend of her dog,  "Blue."
So, what does "Blue" really mean?
A beautiful blue eye?
A favorite color?
A certain type of music?
Humm...all of these things are positive, so I guess when I say I have the blues today, it really can't be all that bad right?
Hope you have a great start to your week! 


Unknown said…
I love your Blue and Purple collage canvas! Did you do that this weekend? Have I seen it before? Am I blond? Hehe. I also love the book mark with the bird! You are so talented! Sounds like another relaxing weekend! Like I said before those are the
Martha Lever said…
I LOVE that canvas!! Your collages are so wonderful!!! Thank you so much for your well wishes. I did pretty well but my pain and pain meds didn't like each other very much but after two days of pain I am much better now! Glad that's over!!!
Kelly Warren said…
I STILL love that bird collage tag! and the dog collage is adorable! and my girls love the picture of shatzie and fetzer in your sidebar. :-)

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