Is it real, or is it Memorex?

Despite the amount of rain we have been getting lately, we are still in the midst of a drought here in the desert of Las Vegas.

Last year we had synthetic or what I call "fake" grass installed.  This was winter of last year...looks so green and real huh?  
A lot of popular choices in this area are what some people call "desert landscaping" which might include rock, dirt, and other beautiful desert plants which has adopted the term "Xeriscape" (pronounced zero-scape) 
This isn't a large area of grass, so the "fake" grass was ok, but I do miss the smell of a freshly mowed lawn.  Anyone know of a candle scent of "freshly mowed lawn smell I can buy?"  

I was worried, but the birds didn't seem to mind the "not so real grass" as long as I still had some trees and plants and bird food for them. 

The bare branches of the plum tree this past weekend appeared to have tiny buds in hopes for some pale, pink spring blossoms soon to come! 

...and I was thrilled to find that some of the bulbs that my "Mum in Law" sent me have already blossomed! 

And this little guy has been trying to climb over our fence for a couple of years now.  Maybe he's looking for some "real grass" do you think?
Hang in there little guy...someday,  we'll live somewhere where "real grass" is not just a memory. 
In the meantime, just enjoy the colorful, desert plants, occasional rain and my frequent sarcasm about the grass. 

Enjoy the rest of your week! 


LOL! It really does look real, though! I lived in the Sacramento Valley for many years- it took a lot of water to keep a lawn growing in the summer months! I love your photo of the agapanthus with raindrops- beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Becca, your photos are beautiful!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and asking about what I do with my tags. I keep some - I made a book last week and put them in it as keepsakes. I give a lot of them away, use them on gifts and I hope to sell some on consignment at a local shop. They're in a pretty box here in my studio waiting for...whatever destination happens! :-)
Hugs! Diane
Unknown said…
Love your pictures! :)
I sure do miss our grass also! At least you have fake grass, We have rock! We have to take a walk down to the park to get our grass fix.
Talk to you soon!

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