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May Happenings and some Vintage Crochet

Hi friends!  
Wow!  Here we are into May already.  I still can't keep up 
with everything I want to do! 
I did manage to cut a few of the neighbor's lilacs again this spring 
to enjoy indoors.  Oh the fragrance! 

Still working on my stash of linen yarn…I love this stuff for projects! 

I'm also excited to tell you, a couple of my embroidery pieces were published in 
this issue of Better Homes & Gardens 
Make it Yourself magazine! 

They really did a nice layout of my pieces! 
Lots of other fun things in this issue if you happen to see it and want to 
check it out.  I even saw this magazine at our local grocery store as 
well as the big booksellers. 

Another little project I've been trying to prefect is this little linen and burlap 
lavender sachet. 

I'm loving the look of the linen with the burlap.
Burlap is just not that friendly to work with sometimes though…
or maybe it's just me.

These are little crocheted booties that my grandmother started making for m…